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Justin Bieber and the Shrine.

People need to calm down with the matter of Justin Bieber visiting a controversial shrine. I can assure you that I don’t agree with a lot of his actions, but this matter is just the media blowing it out of proportion.  126 more words

U.S. "turned a blind eye" against police brutality in Ukraine

On Dec 6, 2013, we ran an article shedding light to the police brutality the illegitimate Ukrainian government was committing. At the time the U.S. and its allies were busy dealing with the Syrian crisis, but also “turning a “blind eye” toward police brutality in Kiev by the Ukrainian government. 52 more words


Promoter vs Artist; 5 Reasons Why An Artist Deserves To Be Paid...

During my time as a touring artist, I cannot count the amount of times I’ve been asked to play a freebie. It’s a regular occurrence in the aspiring musician’s life, and it seems that, no matter how quickly a band progresses, there are still those that want something for nothing (we’re excluding charity shows here, just to clarify). 710 more words


Should the United States legalize prostitution?

Those who work in fear of the law are less likely to work with it.

Although illegal, prostitution is a multi-billion dollar industry. Legalization could keep sex workers and clients safer and healthier.  15 more words

Video Games Versus Newspapers

Where there’s some sort of crime going on, the press are at it again with blaming video games. On one occasion, The Daily Mail blamed Call of Duty: Black Ops for turning people violent and aggressive, in which they posted a picture of Sgt. 354 more words


Literary and Academic Arrogance: Why Elitism is Wrong

When I was 16, just like pretty much everyone else, I was forced to read literature. I hated it. To me, those literary writes who were so revered by my teachers were nothing but a sham, people who tried to write complicated sentences for no other purpose than their own ego. 724 more words


Controversial debate

A couple of years after I lost my sight, I was attending the Society for the Blind learning different skills to move on with my life as a blind person.  220 more words