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Blogs I Un-followed Today: In The Life With Ayo

And now, for the 3rd installment of the controversial series Blogs I Un-followed. Let’s jump right into it.


Wrong Number

“Believe in the God who created you, not the one you created.” – Aamir Khan in PK

Over the weekend, I watched a movie that challenged religion and created quite the controversy in India.

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Aamir Khan

My Phone-less Day in London

Last year I visited London for a few days as I needed to go to the US embassy to pick up my working visa for America. 813 more words


Michele Walfred reblogged this on Socially Yours, and commented:

My good frieind Catherine reblogged this, so of course I had to read it too. Kristian's thoughts here echo a growing (I hope) sentiment shared by my 32 year old daughter who is raising her 18-month old son in New York City. She is trying to raise him so he is not too overly fascinated by the ubiquitous screen - the "sea of phones." When she got married in 2011, she placed a piece of paper on everyone's seats, asking them not to use their cell phones during the ceremony. She didn't want to see the sea of screens in her wedding photos. Can't say that I blame her. She is a fan of Jack White, formerly of the White Stripes, and he is an artist who likes to see his audience faces and see them enjoy the music, rather than trying to capture the memory on a device. My daughter has often asked, to no one in particular, why we collectively feel the need to capture every experience and memory. I am proud of her wise observation. Look around, as much as I love technology, there is reason for concern. Sometimes the best devices are the ones we are born with. I rarely leave home without a camera or an iPhone, but I am trying to use it less, or at least in tandem with my own biological memory. I want to absorb more organically, not record pixels. Ironically, there was a series of iPhone photos taken by a man who rides the NYC subway and documented a very rare site indeed - a dying practice - of people reading books on the subway. That will be a rare, if not non-existant sight for the next generation. I applaud my daughter and this Kristian for their wisdom and insight to see with our eyes and remember with our brains. Enjoy this post!

Dropkick Murphys tell Wisconsin governor: "We literally hate you!"

Boston Celtic punks Dropkick Murphys are well-known pro-union boys.┬áSo when notably anti-union politician Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin walked out at the Iowa Freedom Summit to the band’s signature take on Woody Guthrie’s “I’m Shipping Up to Boston”, the band were none too thrilled. 87 more words


Today in Madonna History: January 25, 1989

On January 25, 1989, following eight months of negotiations, Pepsi announced that they had signed Madonna to a year-long endorsement contract, for which they would pay her $5 million. 104 more words


Sunday Funday Scoop

Hey ECS Readers,

It’s Sunday, which means that I will be sharing some of the fun exciting and strange things that is either currently happening or has happened this week. 233 more words