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Let's Talk About Body Image...

Oh Snap! Controversial topic time!

I have a lot of opinions in my blonde head, and this is a topic that I could write a scholarly article on. 619 more words

Body Image

New York Times Writer FUMING After Son Held at Gun Point By Yale Police

New York Times op-ed columnist Charles M. Blow says he has “no patience” following an incident in which his son was stopped and held at gunpoint by a Yale University Police officer. 232 more words


Little Criticisms

I heard a beautiful message this morning. It tackled some tough issues, and to some people, was a tad controversial. Some people loved it, and I’m sure some people weren’t so thrilled. 527 more words


New England Patriots accused of deflating balls after defeating Indianapolis 45-7


Can People Really Die Of Old Age?

The answer is no.

(Alright, thanks for stopping by!)

Just kidding. But really, people don’t die of old age. Though it may seem like a trivial thing to find out, the biology of aging — and the research trailing in its wake — drills down to some pretty profound questions about the nature of existence. 1,338 more words


On the high road to heresy?

I am grateful to quiavideruntoculi for his fraternal correction in his comments on my post on unity. Rather than respond in the comments section, which, as Jessica and Neo have said, is often the best part of some of our posts, I thought I’d essay to do so in another post. 718 more words


Zechariah 8: Secular Values

God gives Zechariah a vision of a more peaceful Zion, and it is interesting because He outlines some things that will and will not be happening in this great future. 444 more words