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Using Lasers on Satellites to Control Weather


Aluminum foil hats probably won’t help but mirrored fedora sales may go up if either of these new weather control ideas get off the ground, into space and aiming lasers at our heads. 313 more words


Kourtney Kardashian Asking Booze-Drenched Scott Disick To Enter Rehab After Recent Tumble Off The Wagon

Scott Disick’s road to recovery continues to be a jagged one.

As we previously reported, Kourtney Kardashian’s handsome baby daddy was hospitalized earlier this summer after allegedly consuming… 235 more words


Johnny Cash Warmed Tarantino To 'Natural Born Killers' And Other Things You Might Not Know About The Film

Natural Born Killers wasted no time building its reputation as one of the most controversial films ever thanks to its opening scene where Mickey and Mallory wipe out an entire family. 1,065 more words

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Bitcoin Journalists: The Ethics of Owning Bitcoin on Coin Brief

There’s a manufactured controversy going on this week over whether or not Bitcoin journalists — those who write about news concerning the digital currency — should be using Bitcoin themselves. 38 more words



The education system of any country forms the backbone of its economy. Without a futuristic education system, any country on the planet would find it difficult to move forward in terms of technological advancements and economic growth. 1,639 more words



Lovers this is what happens when you try to sell a t-shirt that closely resembles the uniforms of Jewish concentration camp prisoners…

The Jewish Press condemned the item, stating: “the shirt appeared instead to be an ugly, sly swipe at Jewish Holocaust survivors with its yellow, six pointed star sewn on to a dark navy-and-white striped long sleeve shirt,” 131 more words