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Media Abuses the NFL

The media is powerful, but so are we and ultimately, so is God. If there was more positive news that flooded our hearts and minds with wanting to do good, would that raise awareness to love more? 229 more words

Why I Feel Bad For, And Understand, Devin Faraci

This is written in response to Devin Faraci’s extremely patronizing but well-meaning article, which can be found here. Any comments about the Chinese copying shit are very much appreciated, because we are so very damn good at it and we’d like some kudos for that. 3,110 more words

Gloria Allred Demands Roger Goodell Open NFL Investigation Into Abuse — His ‘Statement Fell Short,’ She Says

Famed women’s rights attorney, Gloria Allred is blasting NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s appearance at a press conference on Friday afternoon. She tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that his statement “fell short,” and that the… 434 more words


My Knight

Just shut up; just shut the fuck up now, as he yells at me on the phone from a far away distance. I get really startled. 336 more words

Doug Gotterba, John Travolta’s Former Pilot — & Self-Proclaimed Lover — Denies Actor’s Statement That Ongoing Lawsuit Is Fueled By Cash

John Travolta’s one-time pilot Doug Gotterba denies the actor’s remarks about ongoing litigation they’re involved in — regarding Gotterba’s allegation that the two were engaged in a 6-year sexual relationship — revolves around the almighty dollar. 348 more words