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Being Good

I was at a cycling meeting all day today and felt quite sad not to have my Brompton take its rightful place in the ‘fold’ (although given the weather and the early start I wasn’t too sad that I wasn’t able to do my usual 8-mile ride plus bus to get to the station…) 152 more words


Mission Quite Possible

Today was the day when autumn really felt as if it had arrived. A definite tang of woodsmoke in the air, and the road is a mess of leaves and smashed conkers. 442 more words

Rural Diversions

For Idle Hands to Do

On a day when it’s too sunny to be indoors doing useful things on the computer, but when I’m still not really recovered enough to be doing anything useful outside … 164 more words

Off Topic


It’s done. I’ve survived. I went into hospital feeling fit and well and came out feeling as if I’d been assaulted by a bloke with a knife, but that’s more or less the way of the thing. 488 more words

Off Topic

Proper Convalescence, and Why You'll Fail at It

Sometimes something as simple as a cold can feel like the end of the world. I realize that this sounds extra ridiculous coming from someone with chronic pain, but let me tell you, I much prefer the pain I live with on a daily basis to a sore throat so bad it feels like I’ve swallowed a razor blade and chugged tequila. 863 more words



These hallways don’t twist at all.
In fact. . .
          Their end looms in plain sight.
The doors may lead outside and
          There may be light, 771 more words


Wounded at the London Hospital, The City and East London Observer, Sunday 6 September 1914

The City and East London Observer

Sunday 6 September 1914

Wounded at the London Hospital

Viscount Knutsford, the Chairman of the London Hospital, presented what he rightly termed a historic report at the quarterly court of governors on Wednesday.

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