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Week 18 (4 months +). One of the worst aspects of this experience has been the feeling of being dead weight.

People are expected to help themselves, to find ways to be useful. 671 more words

Getting Back Up

Serious As A Heart Attack: Epilogue

Home at last. Home, where I can lie in my own bed, eat food of my liking, sleep in front of my cheesy old movies and relax while my body knits itself back together. 907 more words


The rest is history

On the Sunday after my operation, I was finally reunited with my little dog.  My sister returned him to me as I was having a Netflix binge of Sherlock at my parents’.   748 more words


A hostage of maternal worrying

I wasn’t allowed to be on my own for a few days after the operation; my plans for peaceful convalescence delayed by care pathways and other such nonsense, nonsense like not being able to look after myself and being unsteady on my feet. 1,622 more words