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”Worship at the Altar of Convergence” – Henry Jenkins

In his essay, Jenkins aptly describes the tumultuous state of the current media where uncertainties and rapid changes constantly are in flux. To better understand why the media functions the way it does today, he eagerly welcomes us to the concept of Convergence Culture “where old and new media collide, where grassroots and corporate media intersect, where the power of media producer and the power of the media consumer interact in unpredictable ways” (2). 403 more words

10. A Critique of: Transmedia Storytelling

In my first short interest paper on transmedia, I discuss how storytelling takes place nearly every moment of every day for every human being. From the dinner table to the classroom, from books to television, even the daily steps we take and words we speak all involve telling stories and listening to them. 439 more words

Media Analysis

More Memes!

Memes are a fun– hopefully creative– mode of expression that require a level of adherence to specific criteria to induce an expected reaction in the viewer. 232 more words


Convergence Culture for Today's Youth

It is true that in many cases, the pervasiveness of the Internet culture and its influence on millennials makes it hard for parents to keep up. 305 more words


Transmedia Storytelling & The Hunger Games

Storytelling is inherent to human nature. Developing knowledge communities around the Web contribute to the expansion of highly complex worlds of stories in books, movies, television, even games. 378 more words


Convergence Culture

This topic on the introductory chapter of Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture was actually meant to be my first blog entry for this last half of my Media Criticism class. 593 more words

Converged Communications

Broadcasting by 2025

In researching this topic, I came across an article that discusses the future of broadcasting. This 1998 analysis compares broadcast technology with computer technology to illustrate the difficulties television has in keeping up. 510 more words