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The Transmedia Marvel Pt. 2

Since my post on Monday, I’ve gotten to see the newest episode of Agents of Shield (AoS or “Agents” from now on) where “Everything Changes,” and yes, quite a lot did. 1,280 more words

The Transmedia Marvel

I understand that there were some pretty big events that happened this weekend. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that my facebook profile hasn’t been high jacked by the University of Kentucky to advertise their appearance in the championship game this evening (go Cats!). 1,082 more words

Lego: King of Convergence Culture

After a comment by itsjustdrew referring to an upcoming Simpsons episode being animated using Lego I got to thinkin’ of how big a platform for convergence culture Lego is. 94 more words

Google Catch 'em All!

Check out what Google did for April Fool’s Day

This blog describes a not-so-little April Fool’s prank that Google played on the world yesterday. The folks at the search engine mega-mogul placed the creatures from the Pokemon universe into the Google Maps application, giving users of the app the ability to attempt to capture 150 of the little guys. 151 more words

In your FACEbook

Facebook acquires virtual-reality technology, Oculus Rift

Facebook not a big enough part of your life yet? Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook tycoon, has recently purchased the virtual-reality technology company Oculus Rift. 125 more words

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