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Agency Open House Sydney

Register for our free event now: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/web-directions-agency-open-house-reactive-tickets-4776690209

Next Wednesday afternoon, Sydney will see its first Agency Open House. You can visit and have a beer with people at places like… 486 more words


Media Converged - Eroding Socio-political Tyrannies

It is not untrue to say that the new millennium has been all about sweeping trends, millennials making it big in the corporate world as well as an upsurge of radicalized thought and mass socio-political awareness through the rise of digital media. 499 more words


Putting together the pieces: anticipating the 2nd audio slideshow

Prompt: What are you doing differently in reporting and putting together your next audio slideshow now that everyone’s initial work has been discussed in class? 454 more words


Reflections on audio stories

Prompt: What have you learned from doing the short audio assignment that could be applied to longer, radio-style audio feature work?

One of the most valuable things I have gotten out of this class thus far (and continue to get) is learning to see, and report, the world in different ways depending on what medium I’m using. 458 more words


In his 2006 book Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide, Henry Jenkins wanted to explain how the collision of old and new media will affect the world as we know it going forward. 756 more words

RTV 4403


I’ll blow you kisses in the rain
To prove I’m not the same
But when the fires comes,
I know you’ll be to blame
Because one song ain’t enough; 152 more words

Random Thoughts

Decoding Tim Cook's words on the iPad: he's worried

The iPad is the only blemish on Apple’s sterling results. For the sixth straight quarter, iPad growth is flat.

Tim Cook spoke at length on this very subject in Apple’s earnings call, as recorded in this… 661 more words