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Week13-classroom convo-renato m

Soooo this week I met this dude named RENATO MURALLES.
We were both kinda wondering where these unique last names, and it so happens that renatos family is from… 190 more words


Where Do You Get It?

A friend’s new website
A focused conversation
An informative webinar
Kind words from a stranger
An exciting offer
A compliment
A smile
A story of triumph… 6 more words

dividing truth; divine vs. demonic

C.H. Spurgeon writes; The shortest way to believe is to believe. If the Holy Spirit has made you candid, you will believe as soon as truth is set before you. 371 more words

Giving Up Hope on a Better Sister Relationship

I bit the bullet yesterday and attempted to talk to my sister about my feelings and about our relationship. It went about as well as I expected but I guess I can say I tried. 855 more words

My Head


My favorite way to guide a conversation in a classroom is by using a talking stick. The talking stick, also called a speaker’s staff, may be passed around a group as a symbol of their right to speak. 134 more words

Teaching Thursday

Screw Loose

Hopefully those of you reading this have had the, er, interesting experience of sitting in a waiting room at your local mechanic. What makes it interesting? 560 more words


Conversation, a poem by Taylor Carr (2006)

With conversation and a cup of coffee

We stir our words and they like steam uncurl

From inwards outwards to the warming air.

Between us is a place. 147 more words