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A Request For Conversation

I’ve grown up so now we can speak
About all things under the sun and false luxuries
No longer the troubled child with “much to learn” 77 more words

Ode to Conversation

Don’t know what to say

You’re all quiet, staring at some day

I know it’s not me

But I’m all I can think about.

I think about your face… 164 more words

Self Improvement

Be the unperfect version of yourself

I don’t want to make this blog to speak only about one person but you will hear about “him” a lot because he is pretty much my entire book in this journey and even if I am only a chapter in his, I’m sure we would both agree it has been a pretty amazing section so far. 594 more words



Thanksgiving is only a few hours away. We are passed counting down months, weeks, and days. It seems like a lot of people share the same sentiment – BLESSED. 827 more words

What if we join together: I

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The “purpose” of this series is to share – and nothing else: simply a thought unformed and unfinished. 692 more words


Have you ever.. #19

Received a message and been disappointed, not because you don’t like the person, but because you expected it to be from someone else?

I can’t say that it’s something that happens to me often but it definitely happens

Social Media

How much can you digest at Thanksgiving Dinner?

Here’s how it often works:

Extended families will drive or fly for hours to converge in one location.

They will spend half of a day or more, creating the most mouthwatering feast imaginable. 374 more words