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Harehills Festival

So Tea and Tolerance is a very new arts project. Through a merry band of tea and conversation, we want to find out what matters most to people. 371 more words

Conversational Vortex

To talk, to communicate, to converse: though there are many languages and dialects in the world, the power of conversation is universal. Everything speaks, even the mountains, the trees, the wind have their own language. 525 more words

In Conversation with Christopher Reardon

I would liek to welcome Chris Reardon, author of Obstacles to the blog and I thank him for taking time out to have a chat with us. 428 more words


Preventing lost updates in long conversations


All database statements are executed within the context of a physical transaction, even when we don’t explicitly declare transaction boundaries (BEGIN/COMMIT/ROLLBACK). Data integrity is enforced by the… 1,337 more words



“I then say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being like this and destroying all sorts of things you care about. I’m sorry for not being the person you expect to be and for also not being the person that I could potentially be. 437 more words

Short Story

Strangers on the Plaza

In the center of San Miguel de Allende is Plaza Principal, always called the Jardin. Every day people gather here and sit down on one of the many benches. 203 more words