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Life Lessons: Angry Conversations With a Stranger On A Train with Unexpected Twists.

Hopping on the train at the Lake Forest stop, I grabbed a seat on the upper deck, put the other two down near me, and proceeded to lay down and glance up at my phone as I browsed through reddit headphones playing music in my ear. 844 more words


On "Not Blogging for an Audience" and The Fear of Failure.

I have writers block. Not right now per se, but I get it often. I get it because I have a fear of failure. I’m a perfectionist although I’m working on it thank you very much. 841 more words

New Blog

Top signs that she loves you part.1

Do you want to know if the lady you love truely loves you? My dear you are at the right place,below you will see the most common signs of love that girls exhibit unconsciously,don’t forget to like our facebook page “handsomebeauty’s blog for more updates” 856 more words

What's the Best Part of Being Single?

I posed this question to my facebook friends the other day, asking folks to answer with the first thing that came to mind. I gave them the option of responding via message, because you know some people are private (I’ll let Kate H. 886 more words


Thought no.295 - Speak some words

Do you ever feel as if you unintentionally annoyed someone, or you said something that has no ill intent but it somehow gets corrupted as it reaches the recipient’s ears and then to their brain? 231 more words

October Thoughts

I Can Write, But I Cannot Talk

Small talk. I hate it. A few weeks back I went to a ladies event, and I could feel my heart rate increase as I approached the room where all the ladies sat in their neat little rows. 429 more words

Finding Balance

How Culture Affects the Win Loss Process

I continue to write my Guide to Win Loss Analysis book, which is the best of source of customer intelligence I know of. I still need to find a better title: any ideas? 878 more words

Cooperative Intelligence