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March, April, and May

“It’s not what you think.”

“Oh yeah? I saw you two together!”

April sighed, put on her new spring coat, the shiny pink one with black polka dots and matching pink and black rain hat, and started for the door. 107 more words


Successful Eliot Open House!

By Jeri Bee -

Wednesday October 8th neighbors from all corners of Eliot gathered, socialized, and shared their thoughts and stories about our awesome neighborhood. Thank you to all who came out – it was great seeing you and getting to know you. 232 more words


Sunday, July 20, 2014 Pentecost 6 Too Close

Most of us are too close. Not to each other, of course, we have been drifting farther and farther away from each other for decades, haven’t we? 2,092 more words

Conversations at work.

Walking into break room and looking at the boys in front of the pop machine engaged in a lively discussion-

Big Jon:  Well, I decided to call since they didn’t fill the machine with what we wanted. 427 more words


A little talk

Hell-bound lying’s made me slipp’ry
Year by year the same old empty
Pleasures caught in furtive snatches
Oscillate with guilt, regret and
Cynicism born of habit. 154 more words

Redchurch Street

everyone decides to fuck off to Thailand
police are scum, don’t worry about it
no way, Windsor
just don’t do anything
real in the sense that people turned up… 74 more words

The death of conversation

Sometimes I forget that people aren’t comfortable with face to face conversation anymore. I started this post while I was waiting for an eye exam. I had tried to make small talk with the receptionist, and she just wasn’t having it. 920 more words

Life Lessons