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Platica casual con barbas #1

-Hola, yo soy (Nombre). Esta impresionante. Cuanto tiempo te tomó para que creciera así?

- (Respuesta típica)

- Yo una vez tuve una (cualquier estilo de vello facial) que estaba (medida) de largo, pero me tuve que deshacer de ella porque mi (novia / esposa / trabajo) me dijo. 58 more words


Was it something I said?

I haven’t really been socializing the past while and because of the lack of it my conversation skills have dwindled.
This evening is a prime example of my skills failing me. 63 more words


Feeding Chickens in the Land of Dickens (Interview)

Do you ever have one of those days when you just need a pick-me-up?  When I have a day like this, where my coffee just hasn’t been enough to do the trick, I often turn to… 1,484 more words


Meanwhile, in Hobby Lobby…

(He’s Patrick, I’m Spongebob)

Him: You see that tribal pattern? That’s what I want on my back.

Me: In the cross?

28 more words
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Studio with Brandon & Carmela - Episode 20

Hello Everyone!

Its here, Episode 20 for our Christmas Special.

Hope you all enjoy this Christmas Special for 2014!

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The Rainbow Fish

  • Who was the Rainbow Fish?
  • Can you recall what the Rainbow fish said to the Little Blue Fish when he asked for one of his scales?
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English Lesson

on inspiring kisses, bull ants, daniel radcliffe, modelling, the beauty of being safe and the beauty of being constructed

Part four of my anonymous conversations on sex, gender and beauty

- So if you could start by describing where we.

- We’re kind of sitting on the edge of bowl in this kind of mountainous valley kind of region. 2,323 more words