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Letter to my Wanted

A could-have-been-mentor / a former lucky 7 / a half mile too far south,

Not saying hello because you’re fourteen people and half a field away, and I know that if I shout, I’ll embarrass the both of us. 497 more words


Lonely Hearts Club

This is a post to anyone out there who may feel lonely, upset about anything with nobody to talk to about it, just needing a rant, some helpful advice or even just have a conversation with. 27 more words


Taking On The King

“I think,” said Death, my bishop clattering onto the table-top as he slid his queen across the board, “that it takes a certain type of fearlessness to defy a King.” 176 more words


Five Minute Friday -- Finish

It’s Friday and you know what that means. Time for Lisa Jo’s prompt ( http://lisajobaker.com/2014/07/five-minute-friday-finish/)and five minutes of uninterrupted writing — transferring thoughts from my mind through my fingers to the screen for all to view. 339 more words



C: What were you doing out there?

B: I vacuumed your car.

C: WOAH. Uh…thank you!

B: You wanna go with me while I go get my hair cut? 67 more words


The Conversation Killer

I have to give myself a hand. Ruining a conversation is becoming my expertise.

With the high quality technology that I have implanted in my head, it sends me signals on when to interrupt when someone is talking. 731 more words