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One thing that I have noticed about my voyage into Cheerful Acceptance is that that daily blogs have given Steph and I additional things to talk about.   791 more words

Jai ho Mobile Revolution! Enabling the art of pointless conversation....and more

There’s this guy in office. He’s just got off the phone from an hour long conversation in which he was offering pointless employment advice and life… 157 more words

The Secret of Success: Interacting with others

I previously wrote a post on Swami Sivanada’s quote on success. In that, I only covered what I believe to be one side of meaning behind the quote. 320 more words


Living With "The Face"

I was talking with some friends of mine who have what we humorously called, “The Face”. “The Face” is how we described that intangible thing about a person that evidently invites people, sometimes friends, and sometimes people you don’t even know, to open up and begin telling you their stuff.   1,480 more words


Sign, Seal and Deliver

Don’t whinge about weak trading conditions and the sombre economic outlook – get positive and do something about it! Take ownership, be accountable, fight for management support and approval, execute, measure and share results. 226 more words


Words and Images



Our conversation paused,

whilst we both adjusted our stance.


© Paul Nichol.  April 2014


Taking Blogs Seriously

I admit that I do not write a lot of serious material on this blog or Scrawlings of a Mad Man, even when I am writing about games or food, which plenty of people take in a more serious manner than I do.  917 more words