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Summer Reading Project (Part 2)

Five more ways I accumulate too many books, until they overwhelm my life and I feel the urge to purge my shelves…to make room for more wisely chosen books. 2,098 more words

Summer Reading Project (Part 1)

Summer is officially over, and so is my summer reading project, which was to read every single unread book stacked on my shelf and not buy or borrow a single new book until I did. 1,733 more words

There’s a voice inside my head that is urging me to go ahead and just do it. What’s “it”?

It’s actually many things.

Nobody is really pushing me and often I want someone to just inspire me. 52 more words


Go Ahead, Judge Me

One of my pet peeves is the expression “don’t judge me.” People often use it light-heartedly: “Don’t judge me! I know I said I was on a diet, but I just have to eat this cookie!” But often they are serious. 793 more words