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Talking About Sadhana

“The process of devotional service – beginning with chanting and hearing – is called sadhana-bhakti. This includes the regulative principles that are intended to awaken one to devotional service. 1,149 more words


Attempted Conversations

63 days. Thats how long we have been roommates. Eights conversations. “Hi, How are?” “Good, you?” “Very well.” Thats how the conversations go. One day I decided to branch out. 130 more words


God is Not Like Man. God's Grace is Real.

Many people have asked me, “If there is a God why do bad things happening to me? If there is a God, why did that hurricane happen? 417 more words


Teddy's Jakarta

Teddy Wijaya, or in the blogging world he is called Twosocks, is a half of The Dusty Sneakers. I tweeted the other day to say this is probably going to be the best written in Indonesian update of my blog ever. 3,145 more words


Just Let Me have a Word with the Fraud Department...

We have had such a lovely time in Paris over the past four days and I’ll write more about that later! However, both of my bank cards, one from Australia and one from England, stopped working while we were there! 165 more words


Festival of lights...uh huh

It’s a big news day here in my apartment: the new owner assumes control (and hasn’t yet communicated anything to tenants, including where to send the January rent); the former inhabitant of my actual apartment introduced herself (and proves charming as well as willing to step up standard apartment wall palette choices); and, um, the dimmer switches on the dining and living room overheads were revealed. 132 more words

Conversations with Z

Z: So we went to another hotel instead. We entered our room and it was well, very compact.

Me: Did you really mean to say “WTH, IT’S SO DAMN small? 8 more words

Its Like Eating Real Good Chocolate