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Thank You and Look Forward to Hearing From You.

I wanted to send a shout out to all of YOU who are following my blog or who have liked my blog posts. Thank YOU… 50 more words



Remember when the shadows danced upon mirrored waters,

The forest swayed in anticipation of your dreams.

Remember when the stars whispered to your soul,

The oceans tide waved hello. 245 more words


Think about the other guy

My brother lost his wallet last week. Turns out, he’d left it on top of his car when he drove out of a gas station in an unfamiliar town. 402 more words


Conversations you have as a wildlife rescuer

Random Citizen
Wildlife Rescuer

‘Oh I’m so happy it’s not a snake.  He’s actually quite cute when you see him up close.’
‘I’m glad you like him.  246 more words


The American Melting Pot & Interracial Couples

Different ethnic groups living in the United States slowly gained acceptance by Americans who sustained racial intolerance within their families for generations. Interracial dating and marriage was a bit slow to gain acceptance, and can even be frowned upon by older generations of many ethnicities across the board today. 818 more words

Talking About A Password To The Other World

“Conditional life is due to this contamination only, and as soon as it is cleared off, then naturally the dormant function of the living entity – rendering service to the Lord – awakens. 884 more words

Hare Krishna

Bowen bucket list: Muller's Lagoon

After Cardwell and Newcastle, my latest journey is about wanting to live intentionally every day. Before it was all about living missionally every day and living simply – caring for people, animals and the environment – now my focus is on connecting with people and loving people. 478 more words