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all the possible expletives

First, let me introduce you to the major players in this story. There’s my landlord – we’ll call him Pete because that’s his first name. (Heads up: You know it’s about to hit the fan when I’m not using monikers like “Landlord” and I’m actually using real names.) There’s the property management company, Real Property Management Midwest (RPM), who are sometimes nice and efficient and sometimes just bloody awful. 1,342 more words

This Actually Happened

Conversations: Silence

She looks out the window: I miss the days of silence, like when I was a kid.

He says: I know, all the planes and cars and noise seems everywhere now. 126 more words


Episode 109// Renee Sills-- Illuminations on Practice

Hello beloveds,

Today, a sweetly spacious conversation with Renee Sills. We gathered in my living room last week and shared a discussion about the evolution of her practice, becoming an authentic teacher and the point of yoga over a cup of tea. 445 more words



Do the numbers tell the story?

Frequently I read posts about how many followers a blogger has, and I am impressed.  But sometimes the numbers do not tell the whole story.  225 more words

Thoughts From The Interior

Be The Goat

“Goat” is short for scapegoat, which is a person or thing that is given all the blame or responsibility for a negative event. A “goat” is the opposite of a hero. 313 more words

Coaching Techniques

Trying to understand

A few weeks ago, I came across this:

I have seen this quote or some iteration of it a few times before, but for whatever reason this time, it struck a chord with me. 248 more words