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Retail Ramble

So I work at retail store (a typical job for a 19-year-old in college) and it can be the most frustrating thing. I am not bothered by the copious amounts of tank tops and jeans that I have to fold, it is people like myself that I become a nuisance. 314 more words

All Things Lovely

"Don't tell anyone you bought them here!"

Two blocks away from our compound there is a wet market where all the old ladies from the neighbourhood go shopping. Sometimes I also go there, as the fruits sold in supermarkets are not very good. 353 more words


While eating at Malaysia Boleh:

E: ” You always never let me win…. “

J: “But darling, you will always win my heart.”

Both quiver in awkwardness.

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"How To Train Your Dragon 2"

Today, self was where she usually is in the summer:  watching a movie!

Her face is so familiar to all the concession stand people at the downtown Redwood City Century 20 that she regularly gets asked:  “So what movie are we seeing today?” And then she gets to hear what they think, if they’ve seen the movie already. 179 more words


Calm before the storm

Last night was quiet. No dream no sound. But I am quite sure I went some where, just I don’t remember where or what happens. With this block memories, I will not feel tired also because my mind will thought that I slept and rested. 164 more words


All For One and One For All - Conversations as a Team

The other members of your cross functional team are your greatest asset, and you should aim  to have as much representation from the team in your BDD sessions as possible. 562 more words


Lamentation on Oral Communication

He was always quiet. Always. I could count on him to be either listening or focusing, but always quiet. And I was always talking. Trying to fill the spaces between us, crowd the air with small talk and silly banter that meant nothing in the end. 416 more words

Strange Thoughts