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Conversations with the Lady

Me: So are you another one who has been floating about most of my life without me noticing?

Hekate: No child, I’m new. *gentle and amused smile*. 118 more words

UPG And Inspiration

because i have.

my new boss and coworker were talking about how someone committed suicide yesterday by jumping off the rooftop of a hotel not too far from our office. 96 more words


Lola asks what house my son will live in

My 3.5 week old little one’s grandmother (my mother, his lola) was singing to him while rocking him in her arms.  She sang a filipino song: 219 more words


14 Hilarious Text Conversations With Parents. #9 Is EPIC!

1. Taking pictures 101

2.  Auto-correct FAIL!

3. Dad tries scaring his child

4. Auto-correct FAIL again!

5. Oooppss

6. New phone dilemma

7. Mom must be a twilight fan… 37 more words


Live it, but live it with friends.

I always find the questions like, “what are your interests?” and “what do you like to do with your free time?” so difficult to answer. 1,396 more words

say anything

Sometimes college is like one of those solid 80s movies. I wish that I meant that in the way that the most beautiful guy in school is currently making me a birthday cake or that John Cusack awkwardly asked me to the party of the year last night. 697 more words

End of an Era

Dear Little Elephant,

Before having you, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed.  I knew all the health reasons behind it.  I knew about all the studies of the positive effects.   305 more words