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Conversations : A mad queen and a forgotten poem

“Because one walks alone through the ruins of the heart…” A said quoting his favorite poem.

We were out for coffee with dimly shining stars above us. 1,032 more words


Conversations about September 10th (One)

I approach my professor at the end of class, after everyone has left.

“Emily,” my professor asks, “right?”

“Yeah,” I nod, “I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be in class September 10th for a doctors appointment in Philadelphia” I chicken out of specifics. 206 more words



Being one-upped is not fun.  Relationships and friendships become difficult when someone is trying to put another in an inferior position.  When it comes to social interactions, one-upping is defined as: 683 more words


endless lights

when evenings are endless
lights, though of different origins
find a common language
to share conversations

inspiration for the poem came from a photo taken by my 8 year old daughter :-)


Conversations With The Past Lover.

I don’t want to go into this and have us arguing and stuff but I’ll tell you this… After you my perception on many things including life, men, disappointment and a whole lot of things changed and that is why I could never fully hate you because you contributed in who and what I am currently as a person. 16 more words

Oscar Wilde's "The Remarkable Rocket": A Labor Day (2014) Post

“My good creature,” remarked the rocket in a very haughty tone of voice, “I see that you belong to the lower orders. A person of my position is never useful. 71 more words


August 27th, 2014 #281

Ohhhh conversations with the little brother! haha I love that we talk a lot even though we are in different states now.