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Pew, Continuity and Conversion - Guest Post by Prof. Zvi Zohar


The findings of the recent Pew survey teach us, that the Jewish community in the United States as a whole is in a state of crisis (aka… 5,048 more words

Contemporary Issues

Gospel according to Ebola Virus

These are truly critical and challenging times for the Christian community worldwide. The devil’s onslaught has truly been rife in the last few months. Christians wake up daily to be greeted with different sad news whereas God has promised us in His Word that joy and rejoicing are the things we will hear of only in the camp of the righteous. 775 more words


Mechanicus Think Tank

Inspired by the Necrons’ Triarch Stalker, I kitbashed far too many Sentinels into a similar looking model for my remaining loyal Mechanicus forces.

Opposing to my former inspiration, the construct went sneakingly away from the Stalker and eventually beared an accidental resemblance to the… 30 more words


Who wants to be loved?

Who would have thought that a movie about conversion to Christianity could be made in France, of all places! Don’t get me wrong, I know that France is not some kind of a totalitarian state in which certain topics cannot be brought up, but Christianity is rarely talked about without scorn or at least condescension. 226 more words

Books And Movies

Undeniable Feelings

I received my testimony of the Book of Mormon when I was in high school. I had spent a year diligently reading and studying it. While I didn’t understand every part, it was like no other book I had read. 117 more words

Making a New Beginning

I was raised Methodist. Both of my grandfathers served as ministers for that faith in Tonga. My father also served over 20 years as a pastor for the same church in New Zealand. 879 more words