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A story of conversion to Judaism...

There is a common saying that goes something like this:  If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. If you want to see your husband’s suspecting stare and your children’s disbelieving eyes, tell them you want to become a Jew. 207 more words


Unit Conversions for Cooks

Some help for my international readers—and for me when I read your recipes.

The first link is OnlineConversion.com with four different conversion calculators:


The second link is to the Cookipedia wiki page of temperature, weight, and volume conversions: 29 more words


Teach Believers What Happened to Them in Conversion

John Piper:

Everyone who is converted to Christ is converted through partial knowledge. Real knowledge, to be sure — otherwise, there would be no true conversion — put partial, nevertheless. 1,152 more words

John Piper

Cry Wolf! A look at the latest Space Wolves release

With GW’s release schedule growing ever more crazy of late, it has become quite a task to hang on and try to chronicle all the new toys! 2,893 more words


Taking the Decision

I can remember exactly where I was when I decided that yes, I was going to convert to Judaism.  I was walking across a brick-paved courtyard in Jerusalem overlooking the Old City, getting ready to dive back into the shuk for another day’s exploration and wanton spending of filthy shekels.  328 more words

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Copy Writing Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

RIL_button( “http://www.thisisshon.com/copy-writing-tips-to-increase-conversion-rates/”, “Copy Writing Tips to Increase Conversion Rates” ); Copy Writing Over time can be a big help to increasing your conversion rates.   148 more words

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Are We to Convert Others?

Is it our job as Christians to convert the unsaved?

Are we to force our views and beliefs on others so that they might come to God? 358 more words

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