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Great Expectations

Yes, the great Dickens novel.  I am re-reading it, and enjoying it immensely.  The title is a double entendre.  Great expectations is a technical term in the book referring to Pip’s expected inheritance – as in ‘he has come into great expectations.’  But the phrase also hints at Pip’s own hopes and dreams – how he wants to live and who he wants to be.   424 more words

Diary entry 29

Well, reality is set up such that when you hate reality, you’re miserable. “Misery” comes from the Latin word meaning “wretched”; and “wretched” comes from… 447 more words


Diary entry 27

The craziness I felt while living with my sister was more like anger.

It’s hard to remember what exactly it was about, since I was drinking and smoking pot during this time as well. 446 more words


A Bitter Pill

It’s been a little more than a week since my synagogue was rocked by the arrest of Rabbi Freundel. Elanit spoke eloquently about the first-order effect on Shmini Atzeret… 1,302 more words


Simple Mortis Dreadnought Conversion

This is a pretty straightforward conversion for a Dark Angels Mortis Dreadnought. First things first. The Gallery:

The conversion is very simple, and uses the Quad Gun from the Aegis Defense Line kit. 112 more words

"Warm Up: Making a Commitment to Spiritual Fitness" - Talk by Sharon van der Sloot

This talk is the first of a five-part retreat on the theme, “Fit for the Kingdom.” In it, we take a look at what it means to be ready for eternity – why we would want to become holy and how we can be better friends with God. 37 more words


Louie Zamperini and Conversion

Over at The Gospel Coalition, I’ve written on Louie Zamperini and the power of conversion. Here’s how I begin:

Louie Zamperini’s amazing life is the subject of Laura Hillenbrand’s… 87 more words