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Sushi conveyor belts

I could easily eat sushi every day for the rest of my life. It’s one of my favorite dining experiences, especially when you include sake and edamame with the meal. 254 more words

Noms And Dranks

What's for lunch?

This just makes me giggle.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.



Life in Japan: Kaiten Sushi

Sushi in America in expensive, but in Japan, sushi can be one of the cheapest meals you can eat out. Especially if you go to Kaiten Sushi, or conveyor belt sushi. 118 more words


5th July 2014 – Rolling along the conveyor belt.

I always say goodnight to mum’s photo and kiss it before going to bed. In return I imagine / hear (I don’t know which), her voice say goodnight back to me. 208 more words


Vitamin Supplements in a Liquid World

Every day, it seems like we are living in an increasingly liquid world. I’m not preaching against the evils of alcohol or for a new era of prohibition that will save us from sin and politicians. 619 more words


How To Use Belt Conveyors Safely

By Jurgen Mennel

When used in a safe manner, belt conveyers provide a vital mechanical aid that reduces or even completely eliminates the need for lifting, carrying or supporting items, animals or people. 547 more words

Industrial Safety

Amazing Earthly Things Seen From Space

Antarctica’s Research Stations

The KFC Space Logo

Man-Shaped Lake In Brazil

The Giant Oprah Maze

The Heart Shaped Island

 The Giant Lion

The World’s Largest Swimming Pool… 57 more words

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