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Why Encouragement Is Important

Several years ago I went into a pet store for something. The clerk behind the counter was very busy working on a crossword puzzle. Another lady walked in shortly after me. 671 more words


Silent Screams

Sadness fills her heart to the brim
Her whole outlook on life is grim
She tries to remain optimistic
But drowns in the sorrows
She can’t keep at bay… 129 more words


With Everything

I use to hide
From anything that would harm me.
I use to run
From everyone around me.
And hopeless.
I guess I never knew how far I’d ran until I looked back. 58 more words



Today’s message on rest at church was pretty convicting. The Bible talks about God on the 7th day resting after his intense amount of labor. We live in a culture where always being busy comes natural; if we aren’t working we are at school, taking care of errands, raising kids, doing homework, checking emails. 453 more words

Quote of the Week: Cory Bernardi, Address to the National Press Club (17 July 2014)

Many of us are involved in politics because we have an interest in the future of our community [...] we want to make a positive contribution to it, and if politics is at its core a public service, we should expect that a sincere and committed politician will have a strong altruistic flair or be motivated by a sense of selflessness that is derived from maybe an idealism that gives their politics substantive content. 331 more words


There are 3 ways to gain wisdom: reflection, the noblest; imitation, the easiest; and experience, the bitterest.

Getting slapped upside the head isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when talking about what makes you happy. When asked what makes you smile, no one ever mentions liking that feeling in your stomach that is reminiscent of a punch in the gut. 270 more words


Thinking Magically™ | The Secret of Using Magic (Pt 2)

I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until I became that person. Or, he became me.
– Cary Grant

Last week I asked you if you believe in magic. 1,024 more words