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Thinking Magically™ | An Occasional A**hole's Guide to Being a Decent Human Being (Pt 1)

If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole.
If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.
- Raylan Givens (Justified) 1,057 more words


Evangelical Dave

Evangelical Dave
comes to save the day
armed with special liturgy
and political expedience

He trumpets
the threshold of
Helical descent
with theoretical
proclamations of… 48 more words


A to Z Blog Challenge: S - Soul

True measure of a
Person as they face their own
Frightful conviction.


Conviction Like None Other

So…we all get there spiritually, when our “zeal” sort of burns down to a slow simmer, then just a dull glow. Suddenly you realize that your spiritual life has been compromised by your past habits, present interests, and future conquests. 873 more words


The courage of convictions

Jon Snow, knowing nuttin’-nuttin’ since… whenever the hell he was born?

By 2009 I knew everything there was to know about life. Such is the effortless arrogance of the teenager, and when I turned eighteen I was immensely proud of myself. 486 more words


growth: convicted / / encouraged / / inspired

I talk a lot about growth here. Growth that happens in the garden, as well as personal and spiritual growth. One thing I have noticed about this method of change is that it only happens with exposure to three elements. 580 more words

The (Un)Lucky Innocent

Reconnecting with my husband at the end of the day has a brief mentally paralyzing effect as I attempt to sift through the slew of the day’s activity. 415 more words

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