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365 grateful: Day 207

I bought this cookbook for my sister and got myself a copy as well! Hooray for new vegan recipes!

Book Reviews July 2014

I almost didn’t post this because it’s so close to the end of the month, but figured I should share what I’ve written so far. I’m ridiculously far behind in writing reviews, mostly because I’ve been feeling so burned out lately and not at all like writing. 2,798 more words

Hush Puppies Y'all

It’s funny to think that the words that we use everyday can be considered historical relics. We forget that our day-to-day vocabulary is peppered with expressions and phrases that preserve elements of our history, offering insight into the ordinary lives of our ancestors. 580 more words


My Paris Kitchen, by David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz is the real deal, so if you’re a real cook you will love this book.  But even if you live on takeout and store your sweaters in your oven, you need this cookbook because it’s going to look amazing on your counter, open to almost any page with a picture on it. 459 more words


Book Review: Rick Stein's India

When I lived in Falmouth, Cornwall, Rick Stein had just opened his fish and chip shop. The first time I went in there, they’d had a bit of an unexpected rush so there was quite a wait – I believe all the fish is cooked to order, rather than sitting in a heated cabinet and overcooking. 643 more words


Blueberry Cake from the Land of the Pilgrims

Americans always think of the Pilgrims at Thanksgiving, but the first English settlers in Plymouth, Massachusetts ate a far more extensive diet than cranberry sauce and turkey. 368 more words


The Soufflè Boogie Monster

Sunday night always comes too fast!  Every weekend I make enormous plans, all of which include running 2+ miles on Saturday and Sunday, and all of which do not happen on… 132 more words