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Biscoff White Chocolate Cookies


Yet another recipe that has come from using leftover jars. This time I made my own cookie butter morsels and added them to white chocolate chip cookies for a gooey, luxurious addition to a classic. 223 more words


Cookie Butter Puppy Chow

I needed to make something quick and transportable to Mary’s clothes swap party so I thought muddy buddies/trash (because some mix it in a trash bag)/ puppy chow would do the trick.   304 more words


Pumpkin Cookie Butter Cake

Back in school!

Middletown, Connecticut has been unbearably humid recently. I’ve woken up too many times only to shuffle myself into a cooler side. Veronica and I have settled in fairly well, as well as our two other housemates. 801 more words


Biscuit Butter

This week I made biscuit butter: essentially the process of making peanut butter but applied to a baked good instead of a nut. I struggled to come up with legitimate reasons for making this stuff, and never quite succeeded; I just really wanted it to exist in my life after I heard of it in an article about… 331 more words



I remember when I used to order gigantic crepes from the mall that were stuffed with cookies n cream ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup… but that was back when I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and whatever I wanted all the time! 202 more words




Here’s the thing, I do not know if I need to make this a PLATED or a PRODUCT POWER post because to be honest with you, this stuff is so damn good I could eat it as a meal all on its own (I know ew, I went there).  167 more words

Cup Of Cloth

Arkansas Pecan Milk

For me, pecans are synonymous with the fall season, pumpkin, cinnamon-ey things, and the color orange.  Pecans trees are as good as gold, considering how much they cost at the grocery store!   334 more words