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Three To Notice Later (2014)

1. Cookies gone in jar.

2. Full garbage can.

3. Escape at prison.


A botch-

For the one on watch.


WOLF ALICE - " Storms "


listen to the new track from the awesome WOLF ALICE this is the second track on their new “Creature Song” Ep       http://soundcloud.com/wolfalice


Prompt #91

Cookie Jar 

There’s a certain stage of life that some of us never grow out of … and it involves the cookie jar. Even the oldest and healthiest of us have been known to sneak a cookie when we think no one else is looking (I know you do it too, Dad.) 675 more words

Creative Writing

Meadowlark - Family Tree

Male Western Meadowlarks have a complex, two-phrase “primary” song that begins with 1–6 pure whistles and descends to a series of 1–5 gurgling warbles.’ - … 379 more words

BLUE ROSE CODE - " The Ballads Of Peckham Rye "


I had already heard a smattering of the songs at recent live shows planned for this the second album from the wonderful talented Blue Rose Code. 121 more words