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生於香港這個飲食文化多元的城市,被各式的風味寵壞了。最愛是本地的大排擋、茶餐廳、點心酒樓;剌激味蕾的泰馬菜、越南菜、印度菜、四川菜;充滿風情的法國菜、意大利菜、黎巴嫩菜等等。太多了...數不盡 :p


幸好在香港有不少素食餐廳,日式、中式、西式、印度菜都有!另外,任何茶餐廳都會有羅漢齋飯/炒麵/米/河、紅燒豆腐和干燒伊麵(不同茶餐廳用料各異,萬變不離其宗,只要在點菜時講明是『食素」便可)。其實只要問,很多餐廳(非大型連鎖式)都很樂意提供選擇,大廚會將餐單上的材料由肉/海鮮改為蔬菜或菇類 配合。最幸運的是在紅磡有一間茶餐廳和街市內的熟食中心,可讓我們自創菜式,差不多是點甚麼也可以,只要他們有材料就可以!


2010年在旅遊途中第一次自己由頭到尾煮完一餐飯,還記得是煮了咖喱雞和煲了番茄薯仔牛肉碎湯...哈哈,對於那一餐,我一點也不自豪...勉強的吃完(不要浪費食物)。但是,這失敗沒有打沉我。相反,我對烹飪產生好奇,開始間中翻閱食譜,留意媽咪如何煮菜,有空便幫手 :)



Recipe: Twice Baked Wine Potatoes

As promised, here is the recipe for my favorite Twice Baked Wine Potatoes.  I have been making these for quite awhile now.  I alter the recipe each time, depending on the flavor blend I want to have for the meal it might accompany, so it really does work for so many meals.   687 more words


From Kermit to Cookies

Whew.  I am exhausted.  Mind you I don’t have much to be exhausted about.  Other than that pesky getting the house ready to sell  thing which aside from being a lot of work is a tad bit emotional. 337 more words


Cooking in Big Grove

The harvest is strong at the CSA and the abundance has been reason to engage in cooking again. It’s not that we haven’t cooked meals. It’s that there is so much to do in this brief time on the planet that like simmering pasta sauce from last year’s tomatoes, the activity was moved to the back burner. 389 more words

Local Food

Updated Mac and Cheese


Active Time:  25 Minutes
Total Time:  55 Minutes
4 servings

Our mac-and-cheese makeover wins raves of approval, having all the comfort and great taste of its predecessors with a substantially more healthful profile. 286 more words


Herb and Spice of the Week - Chervil

Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium), sometimes called garden chervil to distinguish it from similar plants also called chervil, or French parsley, is a delicate annual herb related to parsley. 415 more words


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Here’s one I had never heard of, thanks to Tina for passing this one along!

When making a soup, sauce, or casserole that ends up too fatty or greasy, drop in an ice-cube. 13 more words