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What We're Eating This Week: September 7-12

Home cooked food is important to me. My husband and I put forth a great deal of effort (and let’s face it, a decent portion of our household budget) to eat well. 134 more words

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Making of Japanese Curry

Having a crave for a Japanese curry…. No need to go to Japanese restaurant. Simply do it yourself.

Prepare all the vegetables ( carrots, potatoes, onions) and meat (chicken, pork, beef). 6 more words

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Pizza Cupcakes!

Today I am going to share a little recipe that my boyfriend and I tried out and it was delicious! On date nights, my boyfriend and I usually deicide that we are too tired to go out, (after working full time, going to school full time, and all the other commitments we have) so we typically end up scrolling through my never ending Pinterest feed and we choose a fun recipe to make together! 271 more words


HOW TO: cook up veggies a lady in your science class gave you AND... why my life goal is to have my own garden!

So, I am just sitting in my science class last night, yeah night (6pm-9pm), which is a drag to go to after a long day of working and running around, anyways, I was just sitting there doing the problems and this wonderfully colorful (literally colorful, she has two full sleeve tattoos in bright colors) woman is handing out vegetables from this yellow mesh box thing. 614 more words


1st day of 1st grade!

Natalie started back at PES this past Wednesday, a welcomed change to the end-of-Summer blues. ┬áIt has been an eventful 7 days… “Nana” came and timed her visit to see Natalie start back, followed by a birthday weekend in Sacramento, swim lessons and rallying to a close with a lost front tooth- another welcomed sight by all parents, relatives and teachers as this front tooth dangled for over a month, and then seemed to grow permanently sideways, giving her quite the goofy snaggle-tooth smile. 157 more words