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Tuna Steak for Two... Fail

Tried to make a delicious Sunday night dinner with tuna steak, brussels sprouts and quinoa on the menu. What could go wrong, right?

1st disaster came when bf and I decided to freehand the entire meal. 231 more words


Oh No Veggy "Burgers"

Or Curried Vegetable Burgers.

My instincts told me that these were not going to work but like an idiot I marched on. They ended up the consistency of hummus, and not very tasty hummus at that. 39 more words


Chocolate Tuiles and Unfortunately Scrambled Custard Almond Sauce

Driving home from a rough end to the work day, I mulled over my options to lift my damp mood: plop in front of Netflix with some tea and knitting, lie on the floor with the dog, or cook something. 335 more words


Nggak Pinter Masak Tapi Suka Banget

Jadi inget beberapa (banyak) tahun lalu waktu gue masih lucu-lucunya kuliah, waktu gue masih muda (iya gue udah tua walaupun nggak keliatan,hahahaha). Tepatnya waktu gue masih les bahasa inggris di IEC trus gue lupa lagi ngebahas pelajaran apa gue pernah nulis… 316 more words

And this is what I thought I was making...

I am trying really hard to make some delicious and nutricious meals while here at college, and sometimes, I just really fail.

The other day I tried making homemade macaroni and chicken nuggets and instead I got gloopy pasta and undercook breaded chicken. 172 more words

Roasted Garlic-Infused Butter & My Latest Kitchen Fails

A wise man once said to me, “A failure is not a failure. A failure is a stepping stone” (Okay he didn’t say it to me, he said it to an auditorium full of people but I was reallyyy close to the front and I’m pretty sure we made eye contact and so let’s just pretend, okay?). 517 more words

Black Magic Pancake

I’m an idiot. No, really. I don’t understand the science that goes into cooking and baking. I usually follow the recipes while throwing in my own choice of spices and sing Michael Jackson’s, “Bad,” to myself as I pull the food from the oven. 318 more words