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Food fighters episode #1

Dear reader the following is my own personal review of “Food Fighters” with Adam Richman, I am not a professional blogger/reviewer just a fan doing this for fun. 224 more words


Bitchin Kitchen

I was up late one night channel surfing and I came across a show called Bitchin Kitchen on channel 4ME. On a channel normally reserved for infomercials, I was pleasantly surprised to find a funny, colourful and original cooking show. 160 more words


The Art of the Cooking Competition

What is it that makes the televised cooking competition compelling?

We can’t taste or smell the food and so we’re forced to accept the judges’ assessment. 439 more words


Hell's Kitchen Parody - Key and Peele

THANK YOU Key and Peele for finally nailing Chef Ramsey!!! Awesome!!

Rare Humor

Monster Blog Wednesday - Hypothetical Cooking Shows

We consider ourselves food connoisseurs so for this week’s Monster blog we will be doing a cooking show round up. Here are the names and types of shows that we would be broadcasting straight to your stomach via your TV. 304 more words

Monster Blog Wednesday

If Anyone Was Wondering What Andy Milonakis Is Up To, He's Now Giving Cooking Lessons On YouTube

Vice apparently has this new thing called MUNCHIES, which they say is a “website and digital video channel dedicated to food and its global purpose.” Fine, why not. 149 more words



A while back I was contacted by a production company, who asked me to audition for a new cooking show. It showcased weird food combinations, that sound disgusting, but actually taste good. 970 more words