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Where Have All The Great Food Shows Gone?

For the past five years, I’ve been carefully watching the Food Network, learning as much as I can from the chefs I watched on TV, whether it was in competitive cooking challenges or hosted shows like Triple-D ( 1,719 more words


When I grow up I wanna be like Nigella..

A few months or a year or two ago I joined the ranks of the people who can watch countless channels of macho men who blow things up, drive recklessly on their motorbikes, women who look like they have fallen into a bowl of Cheetos, kids who wear more make-up than what the entire cast of Sex and the City slap on their faces and best of all – world famous chefs who make the most delicious dishes…Yes, people, I now can also flip the channels of my newly installed ‘upgrade’ (not sure I can mention the name of the service provider…hint – the name is made up of four letters…) 280 more words

Cooking Shows

Getting to know Hugo, or: Food in motion

Earlier this summer, after I did a Facebook post about elderflower syrup, a German follower asked me whether the cocktail “Hugo” was also known in America. 1,099 more words

Food Trend in Television not translating to Film

Television is inundated with shows about food, aside from The Food Channel, Food Network, The Cooking Channel, the regular channels are also full of culinary themed shows such as Bravo’s… 172 more words


Getting your hands dirty...

Getting your cooking and baking skills polished is not top secret, what is even amazing some cooking school even having events welcoming the public for showcase, some basically use sales promotion tactics in increasing sales and creating awareness among stranger, this is something one could look at when trying to improve their cooking skills by looking at the industry how it is doing and what it is doing. 346 more words

why i feel inLove with it!!!

Why I feel in love with it?

Let’s face it, supper time is not everyone favorite time, filling that empty stomach after a long tiring day at work or at school you just cannot wait for that filling big plate with mouth-watering deliciously tasting food. 405 more words