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5 Reasons why we Love Food-related Shows & Movies

I’m a sucker for food-related movies. When those delectable, scrumptious dishes appear on the big screen, I can almost feel the drool trickle down my face! 515 more words


People Who Don't Cook

I was watching House Hunters recently when a person said they weren’t interested in the kitchen because they didn’t cook.

And this wasn’t the only show I have heard that sentiment. 186 more words

Hello World


Do you see why I decided to set up a blog??

This kind of linguistic genius must be shared!

‘Hello’ seems an appropriate place to start, though – beginning at the beginning if we want to be all David Copperfield about it. 397 more words

Peeing is the New Pooping

Hilah Johnson and Laura Vitale, did you ever imagine that one of your most ardent fans would watch most of your videos while sitting on the pot? 978 more words


3 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need To Watch Chrissy Teigen’s New Show ‘Snack-Off’

Your newest TV guilty pleasure is here: MTV’s Snack Off is original, wildly entertaining, and very, very funny.

The new cooking competition show from Rob Dyrdeck is unlike any cooking show you’ve ever seen before. 245 more words


5 Reasons The Kitchen Can't Stand Up to The Chew

I absolutely love watching ABC’s The Chew, and I’m a big fan of Food Network. So when Food Network launched their own food-themed talk show, I was thrilled. 842 more words


Picky Tongue

You have to choose one flavor that your sense of taste will no longer be able to distinguish. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami, spicy (not a taste per se, but we’re generous) : which one do you choose to lose? 141 more words

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