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Getting your hands dirty...

Getting your cooking and baking skills polished is not top secret, what is even amazing some cooking school even having events welcoming the public for showcase, some basically use sales promotion tactics in increasing sales and creating awareness among stranger, this is something one could look at when trying to improve their cooking skills by looking at the industry how it is doing and what it is doing. 346 more words

why i feel inLove with it!!!

Why I feel in love with it?

Let’s face it, supper time is not everyone favorite time, filling that empty stomach after a long tiring day at work or at school you just cannot wait for that filling big plate with mouth-watering deliciously tasting food. 405 more words

Auntie Fee Is The Only Cooking Show Host You Should Listen To

“It’s just something sweet for the f*cking kids.” With that, Auntie Fee immediately became my new favorite cooking show host. Fee, real name Felicia A. O’Dell, is the star of a series of YouTube videos, filmed by a male relative, that show her making meals in the kitchen. 77 more words

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Tofu - The Much Maligned Protein

We are mostly vegan (yeah I made that up, see my explanation here). We are BIG fans of tofu. We are also big fans of cooking shows ( 357 more words

Kids Eating Healthy

5 Reasons why we Love Food-related Shows & Movies

I’m a sucker for food-related movies. When those delectable, scrumptious dishes appear on the big screen, I can almost feel the drool trickle down my face! 515 more words


People Who Don't Cook

I was watching House Hunters recently when a person said they weren’t interested in the kitchen because they didn’t cook.

And this wasn’t the only show I have heard that sentiment. 186 more words