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All-Purpose Rub for Meat

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All-Purpose Rub for Meat Recipe by Makeeze Recipes

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black pepper,paprika,mustard powder,salt,dried thyme,dried oregano,white sugar


Paleo banana bread

Pretty good, but would have been even better if I’d remembered to put the walnuts in it : )

Yesterday I made Paleo flatbreads and all I can say is that I think it’s going to take some time to get used to the taste of some things, a bit like going from fat Coke to diet Coke.   13 more words


La reina de la cocina Cubana

Those of you who have been keeping up with the recipes these past few weeks have undoubtedly by now wondered how electric pressure cookers came to be so popular in Cuban kitchens that they are practically a necessary element in Cuban cooking, while a foreign concept to most US cooks.  4,710 more words

Food In Cuba

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See my November 2011 article on pressure cookers in Cuban kitchens from my travel blog katieincuba:


A Figgy Bakewell

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A Figgy Bakewell Recipe by Makeeze Recipes

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white wine,butter,sliced almonds,muscovado sugar,flour,fine sea salt,eggs,essence,almonds,calimyrna figs,unsalted butter,jam,all-purpose flour,apricot jam


A Show of Hands: Cook

I can’t cook, but I sure appreciate and admire those who can.

“Cook”–Graphite and Watercolor Wash

Easter making

Mr. Lacer and Girl Lacer were away yesterday, so when Boy Lacer was in bed, I made the most of having the living room to myself, bought the sewing machine in there and… 439 more words


More Sunday Cooking - Soon Kueh (Turnip Dumpling)

I decided to make Soon Kueh today for my baking teacher who had read about my Koo-Chye kueh 2 weeks ago.

Ingredients are simple : One medium turnip, sliced thinly. 217 more words