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Four Cookbooks I Love Right Now

For as long as I can remember I have loved to create with food. Each day I used to come home from school and watch Giada De Laurentiis and the Barefoot Contessa, in that order. 590 more words


Full recipe of a delicious tomato soup...

Tomato Soup.

Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes  Tomatoes Tomatoes; Who doesn’t love them Tomatoes ? A fruit yet is always considered a vegetable, claims to be first used in Mexico and then spread worldwide, although if we look closely to any cuisine, tomato is mostly in all culinary, international dishes; except Mansaf ;) but yeah, Tomatoes are mandatory, they come in soup, salad, appetizers, main dishes, drinks and dips. 149 more words


MKR - It's All About the Hemsworth

So it’s come to our attention that the slightly busty blonde on the right is a relative of the man who took the character of… 209 more words





Journey to the End of the Rainbow: Week 3

Cooking highs, cooking lows.

To mark our 3rd week unofficially away from home (we go home every weekends), my roommates and I tried to cook for ourselves. 404 more words

Italian Fingerfood

After three weeks of intensive work, a long weekend feels like a one-month-holiday. You know the one we usually have in summer when warm temperatures allow us to sit outside until midnight. 171 more words




Almost time for work again …tomorrow.  Drat, but at least we have had a nice summery weekend.
I went for a 10 km walk with a friend at 8am yesterday morning before it got too hot, then it was in the garden for the rest of the afternoon to pull out some weeds. 187 more words

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