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Food For Thought Fridays: Escarole Stuffed Bronzino

There’s nothing like writing your friday scheduled blog post on a Tuesday. It makes me feel like a successful human. Especially after I thought I locked my keys in my car (again) when it turns out I had put them down in the grocery store and forgotten about them. 372 more words


Lemon Rosemary Cheese Stuffed Mini Portabellas

“Let’s get some more mushrooms!” Those were my mom’s words when we went to the store yesterday. I guess I got her hooked on stuffed portabellas! 171 more words


Weekend Cooking: Corn Chowder!

It all started with David Lebovitz’s post on Fresh Corn Soup.

Or maybe it started with our Saturday evening barbecue and the eight ears of corn that went on the grill. 467 more words


Oh so easy! Scrambled eggs with garlic chives.

This is another recipe from Cookpad that I couldn’t find the English translation yet.


This was so quick and easy, and can be made vegetarian, if you choose to substitute chicken soup powder with vegetarian version like “Not Chicken” soup base. 122 more words


$$$ Built-In LP Grill with 432 sq. in. Cooking Area and Backburner

Built-In LP Grill with 432 sq. in. Cooking Area and Backburner

Built-In LP Grill with 432 sq. in. Cooking Area and Backburner. If you looking for Built-In LP Grill with 432 sq. 97 more words

Why I love Crystal Hot Sauce

Do a web search for “Crystal vs Tabasco” and you’ll find lots of Louisiana stories about how one po-boy restaurant uses one, another the other as a matter of personal preference. 377 more words


Autumn begins

The train runs below my apartment, six stories and a hill below, and it sounds like breathing. I was worried, at first, about the noise: one summer my sisters and I stayed with my mother in her brother’s house, which was close to freight tracks, and the train shook the whole house and the noise was petrifying. 522 more words