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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 12: Team Spirit In The MasterChef Kitchen

Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox

This week, the remaining 12 home cooks are divided into teams. Based on last week’s results, the Team Leaders, chosen by our knowledgeable and discerning MasterChef Judges, … 123 more words


I used to call this dish ‘Wire Chicken’ as a kid, for reasons unbeknownst to us all, but I can tell you now it contains neither wire nor chicken. 594 more words


Day 198, Ingredient No. 111-Wasabi

I am not easily embarrassed. That being said, when your bare ass is on display in front of multiple strangers while they poke, prod, and view it with intensity, it’s hard not to get a little red in the cheeks. 712 more words


Date Scones with Whipped Caramel Butter

These date scones from Metro Books’ The Afternoon Tea Collection were fairly yummy, but didn’t have a particularly date-ish taste.  I enjoyed them, especially with the whipped caramel butter (butter with brown sugar and vanilla), but the chocolate cranberry scones from William-Sonoma’s  35 more words


Boiled Eggs in a Wonderbag

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a recent tweet about my purchase of a Wonderbag. Although I covet very little these days, I must admit that I had been wanting one for quite awhile. 415 more words


Work has been turning me into a grump, so I decided that an attitude shift was in order. Last week, I tried really hard not to COMPLAIN and, you know what, it worked! 178 more words


Quinoa Garden Salad

I created this tasty quinoa garden salad for dinner with ingredients that we had around, somewhat inspired by my mom’s black bean, corn and tomato quinoa salad and an orzo, spinach and tomato salad.   172 more words