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My Terrible Face


There’s me, looking like a dork. I took a bunch of pictures and that was the dorkiest one so I put it up here. I’m 32 and bald. 457 more words


Summer Daydreams

So summer is more than half way through.  I have to say this is one of the most laid back summers in quite some time. I just wish I had more money to enjoy it.  517 more words

The ultimate mashed potatoes

These days everyone is looking for an edge in order to make life simpler and easier whether it’s buying or selling a house, a faster and easier way to cut the lawn or how not to get caught cheating on your… 260 more words


Nutella Muffins

A rainy day like  today  in H-Town brought along a strong Nutella craving in my household. Staying dry indoors, I whipped up a batch of these easy coco hazelnut muffins to share with everyone! 123 more words


Mexican Stuffed Peppers -Wednesday weekly recipe post

Mexican Stuffed Peppers

The Stuff you need:

  • 6 large bell peppers (you can use any color you’d like I stuck with red and yellow)
  • 1 cup cooked brown rice…
  • 191 more words
My Recipes


I have often caught myself saying that cooking in a professional kitchen is a young persons game. Having left the kitchen for education and then returned at the age of 55, it was obvious to me that certain jobs within a kitchen required physical stamina and mental acuity that comes with youth, however, there were still many other areas of responsibility where mental maturity and experience ruled. 1,303 more words

Let's get cooking: Scones and Devon Double Cream

After having a taste of scones and cream, and awesome chai from Mlle. Clifford’s Tea Room, I was craving it.  Yes, I could make a trek to the tea room, but I LOVE staying in my pjs! 683 more words