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This Works Thursday # 5

We often associate yellows and golds with cheerful, warm, and welcoming atmospheres yet if you’ve ever worked with these colors you may have realized how difficult it can be to get them “right”. 401 more words

Benjamin Moore

Colour Combinations - Blue And Orange

There are many ways to combine colours in your home.  You can use different shades of the same colour, colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, or for the most dynamic and interesting space, colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. 74 more words


Review Graftobian Powder Blush Pro Palette, Cool Colors

ReviewGraftobian Powder Blush Pro Palette, Cool Colors

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Geometric Nail Art on Silver Base Coat

A geometric design is nothing but refreshing, even for nail art. It gives you the scope for getting creative with shapes and colors. So, here is my attempt to geometric nail art using the design I frequently used to doodle at the back of my notebooks. 85 more words

Nail Art

Daily Muse #6: Dandelion View

Today’s Daily Muse is another photo taken from my little sister, Shelby of Dream State Photography and Artistry.  She is visiting home (Yay!) and took this photo in our parents’ backyard.  150 more words


Daily Muse #4: Hito Hues

Today’s Daily Muse features my chihuahua, Hito, playing in the grass.  He just stopped for a rest after playing “You Can’t Catch Me!”  In editing this photo, I increased the saturation of the image slightly and his fur turned this lovely purple color. 127 more words


Daily Muse #1: Beautiful Beachy Beads

For your first Daily Muse, I chose one of my older photos.  I have a passion for bead embroidery, and this was a result of a problem solving session involving how to contain beads for current projects.  56 more words

Daily Muse