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Orbiting like a Seattlelite

Hello followers! Happy Wednesday. I am wrapping up my first week in the Seattle area, and man…it’s awesome. I don’t want to brag, so I won’t, but I am very impressed with this city. 52 more words

Cool Colored Indian Corn


Students in grade 2 learned about warm and cool colors and tints and shades. I saw a similar image on Artsonia a while back and tried to find it but could not so I have no idea who originated this lesson. 55 more words

Art Lessons

Rainbow Colored Umbrella

Bridge and Kindergarten spent this week in the art room and learned about the color wheel, colors of the rainbow and warm and cool colors. There are many ways to teach children about color theory, but I liked this idea found on Pinterest. 196 more words

Art Work

Pop Some Color with Color Blocks Nail Art!

“Color!  What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” — Paul Gauguin

Personally, I’m very inspired by colors and love each of them. So, today’s nail art can also be termed as “Inspirational Nail Art” ;) 156 more words

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How To Select The Perfect Colour: How Colours Can Affect Your Mood, Feelings and Emotions (Video)

Many people like to make bold statements in their house by selecting daring colors, but are they what you need? Study shows that colors can affect your mood, feelings, and emotions. 44 more words