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Color Wheel Worksheet

This is a hand-made worksheet that I created for my Saturday Art class (grades 1+2) to facilitate a discussion about warm and cool colors. I found that the images on the sides helped them associate the colors with the categories they belonged in.

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It's Cool to be a Square

Students in my K/1 classes are always working on art concepts. Today was all about warm and cool colors and patterns.

For this lesson, students used a quarter of a square drawn in the corner of their paper as the starting point. 36 more words

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Inpsiration 12

So pretty! Very cool gif too! I love the colors that are used as well.

Warm Patterned Suns

Another project for the K/1 group. Warm suns with cool backgrounds.

Each student had a square paper with a quarter circle drawn on the square. I used a large lid for the template. 31 more words

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Psychedelic Sunflowers

Adapted from an Arts and Activities lesson. Here is their website: http://www.artsandactivities.com/

Here is where they have the “It Works!” page where I described my process for shortening the two day lesson into a one period version.  52 more words

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Blurred Lines

Blurry vision turns into blurry thoughts.

Sailboat Silhouette


I have been doing these for years-they were a variation on a lesson in the Art Attack program that my daughter’s school adopted many years ago. 92 more words

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