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"How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain" - Anita Collins. A must watch for music & neuroscience enthusiasts.

Excellent animated lesson from TED-Ed.  The animation by Sharon Coman Graham is very cool and the narration by Addison Anderson really makes the lesson easy to follow, even for people who are unfamiliar with neuroscience and music terminology.  Highly recommended.


blogroll: 8dict and 8fact

I don’t usually endorse websites, but I must say that 8dict.com and 8fact.com have been hilarious and illuminating.

I found out about them from instagram.  Here’s a couple of favorites as of late: 47 more words


Did you know? (8 amazing facts about hemp)

  1. Hemp seeds provide more high quality protein, fiber and healthy compounds than any of the other millions of plants on earth!
  2. Hemp is an excellent material for insulating homes and other buildings, eliminating the need for fiberglass!
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Canopy Jumping Spider - Hope you Don't Have Arachnophobia

This is the Canopy Jumping Spider (Phidippus ostiosus).  I got this picture chilling out at Patriots Point, SC.  My wife saw it crawling around and got all freaked out.   198 more words


It's Time for Mooning!

The moon is an awesome celestial body that captures the imagination of people throughout their lives. As kids, many of us thought it was made of cheese, and once we grew older, we were in awe with space travel to the moon. 116 more words

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Fun With Toric Varieties (I)

Toric varieties are fun things…

Proposition: The blowup of $latex \mathbb{P}^2$ at two points is isomorphic to $latex \mathbb{P}^1\times\mathbb{P}^1$ blown up at one point.


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