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The Cool guy - 2013 - about

The Cool guy

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The inspiration for this work:

It comes initially from this sense or feeling I get whenever I start to dance, as if connecting with all dancers of the past in a momentary dance-meditation, an “at one with myself and with the music” kind of moment. 1,126 more words

Kamen Rider Reactions Episodes 1 & 2

Hello readers, Reviewer of Steel here with my first of my Kamen Rider Reactions series!
Episode 1: Search for the Dragon

Reactions: This was very hard to watch. 689 more words

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight


I think most of us perceived our dense Forrest as a splashing Magicarp with an IQ of a negative eleventy thousands.

TING! Wrong answer.

So to all of you double degree holders, noble prize winners, rubik’s cube solvers, grammar nazis(yah, i do knot care if it iz nobel orr noble) & rocket scientists, here are 5 satisfactory reasons as to why Forrest Gump is smarter than all of us. 363 more words


fashion apps for the fellas

Whether you’re seeking some style advice, need an online store or just want another reason to play on your phone, check out these style apps just for guys, recommended by industry-insiders and ranked well among users. 126 more words

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