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The SWAG cupboards are running a little thin right now, folks. I’ll add more soon, I promise. For now, click on the form if you’d like for me to send you a fabulous bookmark! 43 more words

Promotional Hoo-Ha

SUMMER JAMZ: The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By

I’m not wearing my glasses so apologies for any typos but do you know how much I love The Pharcyde? Especially in summer. At present, London resembles some sort of concrete, smoggy, tropical haven. 94 more words


I’ve run out of TV shows and Boardwalk Empire doesn’t start until the end of September so I’ve decided to work on this project with some of the most radical ladies I know. 49 more words

Sailor Moon Crystal Ep 1 IMPORTANT THOUGHTS

So, the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal hit various streaming sites today. I just watched it with my roommate (I was thinking of watching it this morning, but if I watched it without her, she would have murdered the fuck out of me) and I have thoughts about it.


Another weekend.

This post is just another post. Eh. For some reason, I’m not too pleased with these photos. I feel like I’m becoming stagnant as a photographer. 346 more words

Cool Shit.

Mini photoshoot.

My brother got Isabel a pair of Lebron X’s for a belated birthday present. She loves them. I actually like the color a lot, so you know I had to get some pictures!

Cool Shit.

An Apology To Whistles...

I always thought of Whistles as a “mature” brand and kind of ruled it out as somewhere I’d consider shopping but, you know, some times you have to acknowledge that you were wrong and move on. 119 more words

Cool Shit