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West Coast Wednesday


2MEX captured live and seen at the end of the documentary Freestyle: The art of Rhyme. I love this clip , all 1 min of it. 8 more words

My kids car seat is worth more than my car...

Dads, especially the newer ones will always have to ask themselves some serious questions when it comes to the car seat. At first this world is daunting, filled with terminology like, “expanded polypropylene as impact-absorption foam” or “carbon fiber with a CNC-cut foam core.” 195 more words

Not just for the kids

Balloon filled pits aren’t just for your kids’ after happy meal excursions. The peeps at SPLOID shared this.. So dope visually. And you don’t even have to take your shoes off and hope to god they good in the little cubbie… 13 more words

Sunday Reggae Vibeout

This week we feature the sounds of PRINCE FAR I. If this isnt a name you are aware of; make yourself aware. Heavy manners.

“One of the noblest things a man can do is to do the best he can…”

Decks. VHS Decks.

Yeah I said it. VHS decks muthafucker! Hot, just plain hot… Whom ever the hell thought this up is genious. First of all why would i have VHS cover samples in the library annyway? 28 more words

Round The Web

I Will Update This

I haven’t done a formal update of this blog for almost two years.

A lot of stuff has happened in two years.

Tumblr seems to have taken over the role of primary blog, but I wouldn’t mind giving a proper long-form blog another go. 46 more words

Not Really Anything In Particular

Song of the day

Incredible song. Will lift your mood instantly, guaranteed.