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Creative Summer

Go Diana! Look at these gorgeous creations. Just a testament to the fact that summer gives us time to explore our creative side. Diana just may be a bit more creative than most…So, when do we get to taste test those cupcakes?!

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Teachers Study Abroad?

ABSOLUTELY! This summer, Michelle and I traveled to Mallorca, Spain to learn all about Global Educational Leadership.  And at the end of our month long (or longer for Michelle) adventure I became a Master (of Education)! 62 more words

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Did you hear about the IB results?! Amazing!

Go Team Biotech!!!! It is no surprise that our students have had one of the best years yet. Why, you ask? YOU, of course. It is a simple fact that teachers make a difference, research proves it.  39 more words

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Creative Commons

Open Educational Resources

You can find Open Educational Resources (OER) to search for photos, audio files, images, videos, lectures, textbooks, simulations, animations, or entire courses that are openly licensed for educational use. 24 more words

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Compression Socks

Last week I posted about workout recovery, and I can’t believe I forgot to mention compression socks.

I first saw runners wearing these in races about 5 years ago, and I mistakenly thought they were just… 209 more words

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