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The Coolest Cooler

I’m South African so it goes without say that  I’ve packed a few coolers in my time and they haven’t changed much since well forever. Ryan Grepper from Portland,Oregon sees this as being a big problem as coolers are apart of every day lifestyle so he has set out to create the ultimate cooler box. 154 more words

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Back To The Future

As a former Army Brat, I was lucky to spend seven years in Germany, and luckier still to spend three of them in Munich. The Cold War was somewhat more tangible–when your history teacher was in Berlin when the Wall went up, her lectures had a different perspective–but our attention was definitely elsewhere. 212 more words


Microbiology is cool, man!

Today was my last lab day in microbiology and we checked out some protozoa under the microscope.  My youngest son loves cool stuff like that and absorbs any and all information you toss at him, so we watched a few neat videos tonight about what I saw in lab today. 

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Das Boot Reference in Return to Castle Wolfenstein

In one of the missions in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, there is a submarine in a pen with this symbol on the top of it. The submarine bears a striking resemblance to the submarine that was used in Das Boot. 14 more words

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Why Perspective and Open-Mindedness Matter in Science

Quantum  Mechanics Done Right? – This article in Wired (originally from Quanta) talks about another theory of how quantum mechanics functions. While it seems a dubious theory, I was disappointed to read that others who challenge the orthodoxy of current theory are attacked and denied funding for their ideas. 91 more words

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