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Adventures in Bibliographic Citations

In a one-shot instruction session, how much time can a librarian feasibly devote to teaching students how to use their research ethically and cite their sources properly? 768 more words

Information Literacy

Last bedroom door fitted

I fitted the last bedroom door today which should stop the finches from making nests in our insulation.

The door fitted perfectly. A bit too perfectly as I realised from the inside as I was taking the picture below – with no door handle fitted to get the door open so I could get out of the room. 98 more words


New Solar Panel Frame

Well after a week of welding I finished the 4 frames for the new solar array only to discover I could barely lift them let alone carry them to where they needed to be – design flaw I might make them out of alloy next time. 212 more words


Cool tool - MAdCaP manager for analog and common area phones

Let’s face it, creating Common Area Phones (CAPs) and Analog Phones in Lync is annoying. Managing them is even more annoying. Greig Sheridan has the answer with… 86 more words


Cool tool - IIS Crypto

Every once in a while, a Lync admin gets to experience the true horror of changing crypto settings. More often than not, this is through following a series of registry edits found online, either on TechNet or a helpful looking blog. 80 more words


Cool tool - Mirror Manager

Most Lync admins aren’t closet SQL admins, and things like “mirror” and “witness” sound more like “dragon” and “bear” than “puppies” and “beer”. When you throw in other mirroring language that’s eerily similar – principal, primary, secondary and mirrorĀ I’m look at you – it can be too much. 62 more words


Cool tool - check the difference between two files

Comparing two files to try and find differences is something I consider to be an occupational hazard. You can dive into the weeds and run some command line tools, you can pop the files into Word, if you’re doing the comparison on a PC. 47 more words