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Warm, Warmer, Hot!

So, remember how I was complaining a few weeks ago about it being 60 and being cold with all the windows closed? Well FINALLY we are getting some hot and humid days. 101 more words


No-Bake Nutella "Cheesecakes"

Holy Yum, y’all!

Remember my post on the S’mores Brownies where I said that your life was about to change if you made them? This is like that, but you will not only be forever changed, you will feel the earth moving beneath your feet when you take a bite of this delicious treat. 326 more words


#31Days31Writers: Berry's super proud of her locks, and I'm super jealous!

Berry’s been my friend from university… dunno if we used to talk everyday like that sha, but since we’ve been through, everyone’s grown up a bit more, and she’s one of the strongest supporters of my writing and this blog, and I’m so grateful for her! 400 more words

Online Communities

Dirt and Desserts

Project everything we can think of has been underway.  Our first renters, did a great job of laying brick and creating a patio along with a cute path mixed with rock. 870 more words

Creamy Jell-O Layer Dessert

Who doesn’t love a simple dessert and who doesn’t love Jell-O? This little dessert has 2 ingredients and it takes minutes to make. As a reward for all your hard work, you get a pretty layered dessert that your family will love! 108 more words


Cool Strawberry Pie

This is an easy recipe for anyone. A great thing that even kids can make (using 16 ounces frozen berries thawed of course).