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Functional App Idea

I’ve researched this (not very well) but I couldn’t find the solution to my problems anywhere. I’ll cut straight to the cheesecake and explain the idea, no frills in this post. 501 more words


Photo Post: 5,555.5 miles and counting!

Whoa, hey there WordPress, it’s been a while since my last post…I had to share this photographed moment when my car hit 5,555.5 miles! I’ve also made the picture bigger than usual so you can see it! 56 more words

Photo Post

English words we don't use anymore...

I was just trawling the internet for nuggets of goodness when I came across a link for “English words we never use”. I thought it was really interesting so I thought I’d share it with you guys. 138 more words


Fight for the Future and Namecheap have parked a truck with a giant video billboard directly across the street from the FCC!

Have you seen this? Yesterday was the deadline for comments to the FCC on ‘net neutrality. -LW

This just in! We’ve teamed up with our friends at domain registrar Namecheap to bring the overwhelming public outcry for real net neutrality protections directly to the agency’s doorstep. 485 more words


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Inspiring Style Of Glass Workplace Desks IKEA Displaying Contemporary And Cool Information

It’s Monday. it’s time to work in my desk of my office. I love my home office with chic glass office desk, modern white swivel chair, charming fresh green wall paint, and the pot with its fresh sunflowers sweeten my room. 21 more words

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