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VIDEO: Low Profile's "Pay ya Dues"

“Pay ya Dues” depicts the overnight success. Oddly, Low Profile speaks nothing of their success which seemed rather sudden in itself. Plus, their affiliation with Ice T landed them that pretty little Priority Records deal, but you know, for the sake of the narrative, we’ll just say they shed blood, sweat and tears to get there. 14 more words

Daily Donut

Shooting with Krassy

Hanging out with Krassy is never a disappointment. I especially enjoy it when he invites me to do something besides our normal ‘eat dinner, watch tv, prank call his wife Nadia, and listen to Serbian music’ routine… 857 more words

Retrospective Thursday: Supplemental - False Impacts pt. 2

I’ve been thinking about this week’s entry quite a bit since I told you that I would be writing about Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise in one way or another. 350 more words


21 Great Films You Probably Haven't Seen (or Didn't Know Existed)

I’m sure you haven’t seen some (if not all) of these films. I’ve included their respective trailers for your viewing pleasure – although some of them really don’t do the film justice. 1,009 more words


The XXXmas Coolio Concert You Always Needed But Never Experienced

The XXXmas Coolio Concert You Always Needed but Never Experienced
By Rod Johnson

Editor’s Note: The author’s views on vaginas do not reflect the official opinions of Cream City. 5,597 more words


Bio Attack (1983)

“Bio Attack” was released by Taito in 1983, and was based on the film “Fantastic Voyage”, where a group of Coolio’s shrink down and in a 1965 Impala go into the body of a scientist who was shot in the head to party and repair the brain damage. 545 more words

Video Game Review

Kendrick Lamar Performs New Song on The Colbert Report

I’m getting like a Coolio vibe from Kendrick with his hair like that; however, we’re not here to talk about his hair… KDot performed a pretty DOPE ‘untitled’ song last night on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. 57 more words