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Align My Stars

Take me outside for quick gulps of air
A quiet dark place, a brand new somewhere
To watch stars.

Mine are stranger than these strange days. 59 more words


So Quotable.

Endlessly quotable-

They think me most sociable
very approachable
and yes, uncontrollable

What a mug!

I’m just emotional
it’s always revokable
The cure, is so notable… 22 more words


His lead

It’s funny how sometimes I don’t realize the extent of or even the magnitude of the hand of God in my life until I share with others what has been happening! 692 more words

Best Trip Ever! Part 2

Hi guys it’s me, Pineapplehead. And I’m going to continue my story of the best trip ever. Here we go:

So we got back on the road and drove and drove. 201 more words

Rock & Roll Romance Lifestyle

You know– it’s nothing to aspire to,
this Rock & Roll Romance Lifestyle
unless you want fkn killer friends
who care that you exist,
go out of their way to see you have fun… 28 more words


Saint Joan

She is tiny for such a dynamo.
Clad in neoprene with big hair
Gracious, a dab hand, at giving everyone a good memory.

We have a mission- I’m riding shotgun. 94 more words


Am I Still Cool?

On July 10th, 2014 my life changed forever! As a new mom in her early twenties, am I still cool? Is one thing I found I was asking myself a lot. 534 more words