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after the rain.

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Going to Shut Her Down

I’m going to shut her down
Leave this carnival town
pack up my gear
makeup & mirror

I’m going on holiday
forget that boy- hurray… 81 more words



Lately I’ve been obsessed with the idea of “popularity”
I don’t know why tho.

BUT I MUST ACHIEVE IT! so here’s my plan:

Be more involved in like clubs and stuff. 247 more words

Misty Autumn Skies

Misty autumn skies
Leaves rustle with gusting winds
Purple, red and gold
Coolness lingers through the day
Smell of decay in the air

Copyright © 2014 Shawn D. 9 more words


Catholic Guilt & Manna

Heaven was in your heartbeat
Listening against your chest
Hearing your lifes’ blood thumping
Watching you take some rest.

After Catholic guilt for the sinning… 114 more words


Here is how to turn your smartphone into a digital microscope for just $10: DIY

You already know that you have a hugely powerful tool always in your pocket – your smartphone. Don’t you wish that you could use it for a little more, make use of its capabilities to help you with school and science? 237 more words



¨Mommy, you are a little bit cool. But I am ten pounds cooler than you.¨ says my middle child- on the way to parkour tag. I bet I never would have got that praise if I did not play it with him. 9 more words