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So Humbling

If James were here he’d be shouting profanities with joyous glee
after reading me the riot act once more about these rhymes
“It’s your fucking life, it’s not a song” screams thro the ethers to my phone… 280 more words


So very Special.

Special. You make me feel so special.
Oooh, special.
You only have to say my name and I’m off
Our place in Time we wandered once beckons me today. 178 more words


The Residency Road Trip: Soaring Gardens Week One

The last post was a bit of a cliff-hanger, wasn’t it? I left y’all right at the moment when Anne and I arrived at Soaring Gardens… 2,291 more words

Writing Updates

Censorship like a Pro

I was going through the net searching about the some weird mental drawing magic, long story. While on youtube, I found this awesome video, utter coolness.


Shimmering Pavement (Haiku)

Shimmering pavement

Heats joyous dance on black stage

Fall is in the wings


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Bestest Friends

Magic times still beckoning
Magic Life, Magic Friends,
one’s off touring the Mediterran…
One’s sold her script to Television
One’s packing kites and off teaching… 32 more words