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Through Being Cool

I have this incredibly vivid memory of being eight or nine years old at my neighbor Stacy’s house with some other Bucknell Circle kids when Stacy busted out the tiny seed beads and elastic cord, and I felt this sudden rush of hope and excitement, because seed bead rings were cool and feminine and trendy, and while I couldn’t buy one because I didn’t get an allowance and because the rings at Claire’s were already too small for my oversized prepubescent fingers, I could make a whole bunch right now, I could make one for every finger, I could stack them on three at a time, and they would round out my existing meager collection of Claire’s merchandise and totally complete the hippy look I was going for back then, at eight or nine years old, when I was already painfully aware of being too tall, too fat, too pimply, and too poor, but also painfully aware of my potential coolness, like I was waiting for an invitation to access it, like it was this thing just barely out of reach but I was certain I could attain if I made very decisive, calculated moves in that direction. 1,189 more words

The Internet

A Timely Tuesday Wind Down

Off came the bandages today on my beautiful sleeve icons and they are gorgeous. I am very happy that I spent so many hours in pre- meditation on this (over a year) and worked closely with an artist I admired, Darci Love, to get the cohesiveness I like in artwork. 279 more words


On edgy Christianity

In North America, Christianity is not cool.

It’s not exactly uncool either, but it’s closer to that end of the spectrum.

Around these parts, Christianity is just plain normal. 848 more words


Incredible Friends in The Aristocracy

As everyone even slightly acquainted with me knows, writing is my passion in life. I have the urgent unquenchable desire to chronicle what I perceive as Reality, usually through allegory or alliterative verse, or just plain ranting. 364 more words


Fingerprint 2

A Tented Arch Fingerprint Pattern

There are no two fingerprints that look alike. Not even on identical twins because each person develops differently in a woman’s womb: 94 more words

The simple joys of life: cool water from clay pots

It’s summertime, and the intense brightness and heat of the tropical sun is getting unbearable. Waves of heat rise up everywhere, met by scorching, fiery rays beating down from the cloudless sky. 195 more words

Small Town Life

Failing at Being Cool

The other day, I was listening to the radio and happened to hear a radio host who was much older than me. As he was working his way through his monologue, he said a few things that could easily identify his target audience: people my age. 726 more words