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What Makes One An Ideal Candidate For Coolsculpting

With the desire to look slim and a size smaller, more and more people look for advanced slimming techniques that can help them shed the stubborn fat and look graceful. 279 more words


Can Stress Cause Skin Problems?

How the mind matters to your skin

How we feel on the inside could be affecting how we look on the outside. In fact, studies link factors that affect our emotional well-being — such as stress, depression and anxiety — to an increase in skin, hair or nail problems. 29 more words


CoolSculpting® has been gaining in popularity as a fat reduction method

People dissatisfied with their appearance have long tried to eliminate unwanted fat for aesthetic reasons, doing everything from strict exercise and diet regimens to fat removal via liposuction. 698 more words


I Stagedive Head First Cause I'm Crazy

Minus 2 degrees, lovin’ it. You know fat-cells slowly dies when they’re about 4-6 degrees so maybe if i stay out in the cold for long enough I’d be working on my fitness. 226 more words


Let's Talk Turkey

The traditional ecstasy of unbridled avarice at the dinner table will present itself at the Thanksgiving table. As we unbutton our top pants button or settle into a comforting elastic waste band, conversations may arise about the consequences of the third helping of sweet potato casserole or perhaps the genetic misfortune of the dreaded turkey neck. 302 more words


CoolSculpting: Fat-Removal Procedure Without Surgery

Do you have two or more pockets you want to remove? Have you been so desperate of getting rid those stubborn fat? You are not alone. 398 more words


CoolSculpting: Doing away with Fat Bulges Without Surgical procedure

In the past, if diet and workout could not get rid of stubborn fat deposits bulges, several individuals went for liposuction, an intrusive surgical procedure. Or, they turned to radio frequency gadgets or infrared technology, but these gadgets provided restricted enhancement. 654 more words