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If you haven’t been able to tell from my Instagram or Weekend Rewinds, I’m a huuuge¬†sucker for my family’s dog, a vizsla named Coco… 240 more words

I Want That

August 2014 Bark Box

August 2014 Bark Box

Medium “Just Right” Size Box for dogs with ALLERGIES.

Well It’s Monday August 18th, and today when Ragnar and I came back from our after lunch walk we were happily in the presence of our very first Bark Box. 442 more words


Adopted! Marvin

Marvin is an energetic, majestic and social boy who came to the Society from a shelter in the south. This striking looking Coonhound is 8 months old and ready for his forever home! 536 more words


You Know Me!

Henry is mistaken for a beagle on a regular basis from generally anyone who sees him. If people don’t outright say “what a pretty beagle,” or “can I pet your beagle?” then they usually ask what is his breed.I can understand why they might be confused, as Henry looks generally like a beagle on stilts… with a longer nose… and longer ears. 200 more words