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'Twas a Hot Afternoon....

and the sun was a scorcher…

let’s try the human coop!

Words that you will rarely here a Scot say “it’s too hot!”. Looking for shelter from the sun, somewhere to cool down, a good reason to down tools and watch the “Glasgow Games”!

The Coop - Some Thoughts

I finished the coop today. This journey began June 18 so it took a little over a month to complete.  I have to say that I am pleased with how it came out and the chickens really love their new home.   495 more words



Website: http://www.asouthernaffair.com/

Address: 610 W Morse Blvd, Winter Park, FL

Phone: 407-THE-COOP

This is some Florida southern cooking brought to you by the owner of 4Rivers. 555 more words


Catalyst Coop Walk Through: Part 1 of 4

Today I start a new video series sharing some views and commentary of the Catalyst Coop. There will be four videos, about an hours worth; then I will post a quick update of the current conditions (7/24/14) (as I depart with my girls to Guanella pass and a rock climbing experience in Colorado)) as a fifth video since it took me a month to get the first of these published… life… 81 more words


Food shops

You’ve arrived and want to know where you can get food. But where are the best places to visit?

There are many supermarkets that you will find in most towns and cities all over the country: 279 more words


Question on coop run roofing

Question on coop run roofing Hi all, Looking at plans to build my coop and I am putting together a parts list. Right now my thought is to do the whole exterior of the coop/run in.See Original Article ACCLAIMED ROOFING OF COLORADO Aaron Anders, 303-718-8382 Drug addict, aggressive ACCLAIMED ROOFING OF COLORADO Aaron Anders, 303-718-8382 Drug addict, aggressive sales tactics, un-ethical business practice, Denver See Original Article 1/12 Pitch 90# Rolled Roofing Issue Alcon, How would you remedy this issue on a new house? 84 more words