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Flash FREEBIE: BACK TO SCHOOL Instagram "Task Card" Activity

I just used an activity that I created this summer for the first time with a summer school intervention (reading strategies) class. I had such a great experience that it made me want to share it with other educators! 124 more words

Back To School

The painting process

Our last big project of the school year was exploring the process of painting.

Students worked cooperatively as they folded the large paper into quarters for each student to have a section to work on. 180 more words

Art Education

Peer Summarizing in PE

This chapter, like much of this course, does not easily translate to a PE setting, so when asked about my summarizing and note taking and how or if I teach these tactics with my students, my answer would be “maybe?” 323 more words



One common question that I was asked in my sessions was, “I thought that our goal is to provide students with comprehensible input…so why do so many of these activities contain… 827 more words


The elevator got me thinking...

A client recently asked me to add a component to their eLearning course that I wasn’t sure was even possible. In doing my research, I came across an example where the Instructional Designer designed the course as if the trainee were on an elevator ride. 559 more words

Instructional Design

Change in Schools and Complexity

In a 2003 paper*, Brent Davis and Elaine Simmt write about the application of principles of complexity to the teaching of mathematics. Complexity science is essentially the study of living systems that are adaptive and emergent – and so it is a wide-ranging branch of scientific study. 773 more words


8 Digital Citizenship

Digital Law – my greatest weakness

Upon reading the 9 themes of digital citizenship, I realized I am particularly weak in the area of digital law.   477 more words