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Birdfeeders, Hawk, Squirrel, Blue Spruce...And A Little Biology...

When we moved into our first home in June of 1971, in Andover, Minnesota…it was in a new addition that was being built on what used to be a farm field…there were no trees and the ground between houses was still rutted with rows that used to be planted with crops…our builder bought this acreage between two county roads for the purpose of dividing the land into half acre lots…enough room for a house and septic system, the allotted land needed at the time to do that…so between our house and the next was plenty of room and behind our house was  adjacent land still used for pasture, where horses grazed…yup, we were out in the country at that time, though things changed rapidly…many houses were built around us…and we planted trees…just “sticks” really…Green Ash, Maple, flowering Crab apple and a number of evergreens…balsam, Colorado blue spruce…Oh, maybe 20 plus trees in all…no shade for a long time with those trees…but we had hope… 1,436 more words

A Word form a Different Bird

For the past several weeks we have been hearing the very distinctive cries of baby hawks.  Over the last several years there have been a number of Cooper’s hawk and Red tail hawk nests in the tall cottonwoods on our property or in the trees across the street.   328 more words

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A Follow-up Visit to Hawk Nests in St. Louis Parks

July 16, 2014

Last Saturday morning I visited a few hawk nests that I had been watching earlier in the spring. My first stop would be Tower Grove Park, where several weeks ago I had spotted a lone, red-tailed hawk nestling looking down at me as I looked up at a nest atop a tall, narrow pine tree. 677 more words

Missouri Nature Photography

Cooper's Hawk

We have several different Hawks pass through on occasion and this one paid us a visit Saturday. He was looking over the feeding area and all of the song birds hid in the trees and bushes. 34 more words


Kites of Southeastern North America

I judge the quality of my vacations based on how much wildlife I see.  The best time to view wildlife is early in the morning, but I’m saddled with a late-sleeping teenaged daughter.  911 more words

Bronte Harbour: Hawks + Karma

I can’t tolerate this heat and humidity. When casting about for a location offering shade, refreshments, and washrooms near the water’s edge Bronte Harbour lit up the radar. 444 more words

Ontario Birds