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This is how it starts. Then you’re hooked and can’t function on less than three cups a day.



These hills are in the Western Ghat range in Southern India. We trekked to one of the ridges near Madikeri while we were in Coorg.


Photograph Featured in ET Travel

Economic Times Travel ( ET Travel ) is a weekly all-colour supplement which covers travel and tourism aimed at the burgeoning band of Indians who want to see and know about their country/abroad through Indian eyes.  77 more words


DAILY PHOTO: Madikeri Fort

This 17th century fort was built by the Mudduraja, and subsequently controlled by Tipu Sultan, Doddavira Rajendra, the British, and the Wodeyars.


DAILY PHOTO: Let's Call it the Starfish Blueberry Flower

I tried to look up what this plant was called, but had no luck–despite its distinctive shape. We saw it in the Coorgi rainforest.  As you can see it looks like a blueberry attached to a five-petaled orange flower.


DAILY PHOTO: 824 Year Old Magnolia Tree

This tree near Madikeri in Coorg is believed to have sprouted in 1190. That means it was living when:

-Jerusalem was recaptured during the 3rd Crusade. 60 more words


The South India Trip 2012 - Part 3 or Off the Beaten Path

“The most exciting journey is often the one you know the least about” – Yours Truly

The Known: The River Tern resort had requested us to check in by 1 pm so that we do not miss the safari.The few pictures of the resort perched at the edge of a reservoir.Google Maps informing us that we were 229 kms and 5 hours away  from the resort, our  midway point en-route to Coorg.

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