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36 Hours in Copenhagen

I love Danish TV Series and addicted to it (always can’t wait for their next season). I don’t speak any Danish except “manga tak (thank you)” and “Hvordan har du det (how are you)” but luckily their TV series also broadcast by BBC UK and Dutch television channel with subtitles. 722 more words


A week of shawarma and hotdogs

It’s been a crazy week! I have only been here for ten days, but it has already started to feel like this city is all I’ve ever known. 1,536 more words

Statue of the week (8) : The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid

It’s statue-of-the-week time, but as I am not in Brussels this week I take you to Copenhagen for this week’s statue. When you think of Copenhagen you probably think about the overly famous “little mermaid” statue that attracts tourist crowds from all over the world. 284 more words


Luksus Fails to Meet High Expectations in Greenpoint

A little under a month ago, a good friend of mine who is from Paris and has spent a significant amount of time traveling around the world, recommended… 1,250 more words


Baltic/Scandinavian Adventure: Copenhagen (Part One)

I’ve saved the best for last, and coincidentally, happened that way due to chronological order of ports we visited. Hubs and I had no expectations about Copenhagen, but we absolutely LOVED this city! 155 more words

hand holding

When life exists and is entirely surrounded by transporting yourself on two wheels out in the open air, you get really good at working with those circumstances.