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Review: Latvia- Aarzemnieki 'Cake to Bake'

Latvia’s entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest are Aarzemnieki and they have achieved a lot already. They boast of these achievements in their song ‘Cake to Bake’ and you can see just a few of these achievements



Eric Illick & Molly Skovgaard

Spotted – H.C. Andersens Boulevard, KBHK


Copenhagen, Denmark

Traveling the UK feels like stepping into the past, but visiting Copenhagen, Denmark felt like a trip into the future.  The crazy architecture, clean efficient metro, and progressive, equality-focused culture, my weekend in Copenhagen was surreal.  1,139 more words

Velkommen til landet af slik og cykler! (Welcome to the land of sweets and bikes!)

My family and i just arrived in Copenhagen last night and i have to tell you.. it’s amazing! there are bakeries on every street corner and bikes flying past you every second! 31 more words

On Leaving Denmark

“There is something with you and your parents,” H. blurts out, her Nordic blue eyes squinting as she points her fork at me from her left hand. 1,088 more words

A to Z Challenge: P = Palaces

P = Palaces

Just like cities, there seems to be one palace that many are compared to — Versailles. It may be the sheer size of the palace, or the ornate gardens. 97 more words

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