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Learning to Live with the Death of a Child

“You might as well amputate my heart!” one father exclaimed as he tried to express his pain after the sudden death of his son. Is there life after the death of a child?  517 more words

Conversations For The Hurting

5 months....

5 months today, and it was such a struggle to self-coach myself out of bed, even though I do it everyday!  It wasn’t because it is January 10th, because honestly, I hadn’t realized the date until I was on my way to work.  165 more words

Parent Grief

In honor of . . .

There are situations you cannot imagine. There are circumstances even when witnessed you will not be able to understand. It is true for everyone.
I have seen photos and films of war and I can not imagine how the people feel who have witnessed battle. 761 more words

Coping With The Death Of A Child

Nothing has changed, nor will it change in 2015

The stroke of midnight that brought on the year 2015 did not bring back our Jerritt.  So why do people keep telling me “I’m sure you’re glad 2014 is over!”?

Parent Grief

"F U Universe"

My niece wrote a Facebook post yesterday: “It’s amazing what can cause triggers.   Sigh…getting birth certificate and in big bold letters TWIN.  F U universe”.  These valid feelings come from having an early 2014 miscarriage and then becoming pregnant with twins only to come home with one beautiful child. 521 more words

Parent Grief

End of the year inventory

My mother used to say to me that I should go to my room and imagine I could take myself apart – and do an inventory of my parts. 976 more words

Coping With The Death Of A Child

A tearful detour

I’m the kind of person who chooses not to visit the dead at their final resting place.  I see nothing wrong with those who do, but it’s just not for me.  767 more words

Coping With The Death Of A Child