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Whole Foods is the Lair of the Damned

I was reminded of this post yesterday when I walked through the local Whole Foods around lunch hour. It’s difficult not to notice me, but several people walked into my enormous frame anyway. 403 more words

Sweet dreams

I’m really tired and it’s late so this is going to be a quick post.

I spent today at work and at home, that’s about it. 145 more words


What You Know

Fear grabbed her heart as tightly and quickly as the paws of a bear when it has finally caught its prey. Her chest hurt while her pulse raced and she struggled to catch her breath, knowing each one might be the last she took in this world. 440 more words



This post contains images that some may find disgusting. Especially if you are grossed out by feet. If you have no interest in seeing gross pictures of my feet I suggest you skip this post and move on to something more pleasant. 645 more words

Change in circumstances

So Momma’s caregiver has fractured her pelvic bone, so I now have to take over her responsibilities.  This morning I got her up around 11:30 am.   307 more words

recipe for happiness

i know it’s not as easy as all that but i was thinking how heavily we rely on things to distract us from negative thoughts and feelings and how it’s easier to procrastinate than deal with them head on, especially now it’s summer and a lot of people’s distraction of full time education is gone for 6 or so weeks… 300 more words

Poem: My Personal Piazza

“My Personal Piazza”

I had told myself
The tiny flagstone
Landing was just like
A grand, public place.

The neighbors glanced,
Then deflected their
Eyes from the man who… 26 more words