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I picked up an old tire behind my shop to shake out the standing water trapped in it so it wouldn’t be a breeding ground for mosquitos and underneath it I found the old black snake that lives around the shop. 105 more words


Snakes and a House in the Woods

One recent sunny morning, a man we’ll call “Bob” arrived in at our Southern Pines, N.C., home in a little red truck owned by a local exterminating company. 673 more words





数種類の蛇がこの辺ではよく見られるといいます。なかでも、copperhead はそのへんにいるわよ,という別の友人の一言にブルブルしてしまいました。庭にでてにょろにょろ目の前をされたら二度と外に出たくなくなるかも...うちのワンコ,噛まれたら大変!




No Country For Sandals

This blog is becoming a little prophetic. I write about wanting a dog and get a dog. I write about encountering snakes and then, guess what, I have a much too close-for-comfort encounter with a copperhead. 1,418 more words

How to Make it Through an NC Summer

We’ve entered my favorite month of the year. I always tell people that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, but I think that’s actually only because my birthday is 11 days afterwards. 813 more words


Rattlesnake, brown recluse, black widow: Texas warm weather is popular!

All the poisonous Texas creatures have come out to say good-bye to us! Yes, goodbye. We are packing up to move ourselves to Ohio and Pennsylvania for a few months. 346 more words


More about snake bites and horses: rattlesnakes, copperheads, anti-venom, swelling, infection and treatment

Hope, the horse that a snake bit yesterday, is doing much better today. The swelling is already going down and she is eating and drinking normally. 656 more words