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Bay Area Officer Provides Unique Perspective On Police Shootings In One-Man Play

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — A Bay Area police officer said he can relate to both sides of the tensions in Ferguson, Missouri. Jinho Ferreira, a musician who protested the Oscar Grant shooting turned police officer and playwright, hopes his duel perspectives can reach many different people. 268 more words


Marsh Berkeley offers Josh Kornbluth and the Piper

I’m a big Josh Kornbluth fan.

I remember seeing him in the basement of LaVal’s Subterranean Café back in 1989 when Dave and I were the only ones in the audience besides his director. 504 more words

S.F. Bay Area

Breakdown of the New Additions (Detective Smurf Update)

All of our Smurfy games have updated, but what new additions have we been given in yellow gift boxes with red bows! Find out below as we unwrap all our goodies: 190 more words

Smurfs Village

Detective Smurf is in your village!

The latest update for The Smurfs’ Village is out now and Beeline have released lots of new goodies – just for us!
285 more words

Smurfs Village

The prank with the lizard

Police officers love a good prank. It’s almost like a competition, to see who can come up with the most elaborate or cunning idea to trick or amuse their workmates. 713 more words


Is ignorance bliss?

There is nothing quite like going to the shops with your kids and seeing one of the local pedophiles. And then the pedophile gives you a friendly smile and wave because he recognises you from the police station. 626 more words


Wretched Richard's Almanac: Those Magnificent Men Without Flying Machines

July 28, 1948

A fog had settled over London on July 28, 1948.  All was quiet and seemingly normal. But of course it wasn’t. Visualize if you will a large shipment of gold bullion awaiting transport at London Airport. 317 more words