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Is ignorance bliss?

There is nothing quite like going to the shops with your kids and seeing one of the local pedophiles. And then the pedophile gives you a friendly smile and wave because he recognises you from the police station. 626 more words


Wretched Richard's Almanac: Those Magnificent Men Without Flying Machines

July 28, 1948

A fog had settled over London on July 28, 1948.  All was quiet and seemingly normal. But of course it wasn’t. Visualize if you will a large shipment of gold bullion awaiting transport at London Airport. 317 more words


Lies and details

Is anyone else following the Baden-Clay murder trial? An apparently loving husband and family man murdering his depressed wife? It is unimaginable and yet, here he is on trial, his future in the hands of 12 strangers. 754 more words


Just because I'm a police officer...

People often treat me differently when they find out I’m a police officer. It’s a polarising sort of thing – a lot of people don’t like police and I accepted the fact that people may hate me for my job when I chose this career. 707 more words


A Far-Off Kingdom

It’s easy to have an opinion when you don’t have to take any responsibility for it. I’ve been dining out on that concept for over fifty years. 755 more words

Battlefield Hardline Is A Nice Chance Of Pace

I have never enjoyed Battlefield as much as other shooters like Call of Duty or Halo. Whereas the action in those titles is near constant, Battlefield as a franchise to me features way too much down time running from point to point, only to be sniped by a sniper’s bullet from afar before I start my trek across the map all over again. 589 more words

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