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Could the Individual Story actually be enjoyable?

I really enjoyed the Individual Story assignment. At first I was pretty overwhelmed with all the work that needed to be done. Once I sat down and planned it all out, I began to see how my final project would come to fruition. 334 more words

Really Doe?:Lady Calls Cops On The Sun [ Video ]

Sometimes I sit and think whats going on in the world I lie in.


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The Examiner has something good to say about EPD?

We at The Examiner spend a lot of time criticizing the Eureka Police Department and Chief Mills. Let us take this tragic event as an opportunity, on this Easter Sunday, to praise the restraint detailed in the story from LoCO: 192 more words



So lately I’ve been downloading a bunch of songs, so that I could get things ready and moving pertaining to my Romance pieces. Still not done yet, but I should be posting some pieces soon. 44 more words

Teenager Busted For Partying Brings Own Mic To Interview [VIDEO]

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19-year-old Nat Gray was caught throwing a massive party in the woods outside of Salem, Oregon, but he seems pretty chill about it. 132 more words


DC Cop Block being detained and harassed for being in "High Crime" area

(Washington DC) April 18th, 2014 between 6 and 7 pm “Cop block” was taking photos of the “SkyCop Major Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)” on 16th and W St. 387 more words

Washington DC

The Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Peaceful Students Will Receive $38,056 for Emotional Suffering

by Awareness · April 14, 2014

Who can forget this iconic image from 2011 of a California cop callously drenching OWS protesters with pepper spray. The picture shocked many around the globe and the fact that the young people were bound together at the wrists with no way to protect themselves made the act even more perverse. 62 more words