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Is ignorance bliss?

There is nothing quite like going to the shops with your kids and seeing one of the local pedophiles. And then the pedophile gives you a friendly smile and wave because he recognises you from the police station. 626 more words


Commission Upholds The Firing Of 2 Mpls. Cops

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The decision to fire two Minneapolis police officers, both of which are military veterans, for using racial slurs and other derogatory remarks in Green Bay, Wis., last year was upheld by the city’s Civil Service Commission. 358 more words


City Manager Greg Sparks statement is blatantly false!

The City of Eureka is keeping up the push for the Measure O extension, with good reason. If the extension doesn’t pass, the Council will actually have to make some tough budget decisions and “prioritize” spending, as opposed to the recent across the board cuts (surgery with a scalpel as opposed to using a butter knife). 503 more words

City Council

Do GPS devices stop criminals...no


Did you hear about this? Neither did I. I love how every time there’s a prostitute they have to mention it as though they somehow deserved it or put themselves in a bad position instead of focusing on the fact the two lowlife scum rapist /killers raped and murdered women. 1,375 more words


Report: More than 2,500 Ground Zero workers have cancer

MANHATTAN (PIX11)– The number of responders that have been diagnosed with cancer more than doubled this past year.

The NY Post reporting The World Trade Center Health Program counts 1,655 responders with cancer, bringing the total to 2,518. 146 more words