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Breaking the CopySource connection after using CopyIntoItemsLocal

When you use the CopyIntoItemsLocal method of the Copy.asmx webservice in SharePoint, you get a copy of your document, but you also get a piece of unwelcome hidden data in the copied document – a property called “_CopySource”. 304 more words

My First Brochure

OK, so I want to brag a little bit, but this is the first time I’ve written copy for a business that’s been turned into a physical brochure. 36 more words


10 Easy Ways to Take Your Twitter Engagement To The Next Level

Twitter recently began experimenting with in-tweet analytics.

Soon afterwards, I tweeted that one particular tweet in my timeline had an engagement rate of 34%. 233 more words

SEO Tactical Tips - #8 - Copy Analysis - SearcherMagnet

We all know that the page copy makes the content for your website. You have ideas to share and make sure you set it up correctly to maximize your results. 97 more words

Copy a spell into a spellbook

@pukunui81 @mikemearls Yes, and the scroll is destroyed.

— Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) November 25, 2014

Bumble: a dating app that looks like Tinder

According to a Tinder co-founder, this new dating app would be more respectful. We’ll see… 261 more words


Lenin: the recent revolution in natural science, and philosophical idealism - part nine

“Matter has disappeared” (continued)

…the new physics wavers unconsciously and instinctively between dialectical materialism, which remains unknown to the bourgeois scientists, and “phenomenalism”, with its inevitable subjectivist (and, subsequently, directly fideist) deductions. 179 more words