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How to Fix the Problem With Content Marketing (Free Training) - Copyblogger

If you’ve been following Copyblogger for any length of time, you know we teach people online marketing. Specifically, something that is now known as content marketing. 58 more words


7 Ways to Simplify Complex Content While Maintaining Sophistication and Nuance - Copyblogger

So, you’re full of information and have a dramatic story for your audience? Good. But here’s the harsh truth: every bit of knowledge in the whole world is completely meaningless if you don’t do this one thing. 47 more words


Get the WordPress Theme That Gives You an Unfair Business Advantage - Copyblogger

So … how did you sell out all 400+ tickets three months before the event even started? What was your content marketing strategy? This is the question a friendly reporter asked me during the opening night party for Authority Intensive 2014. 42 more words


Creating Compelling Content 101

Yes, it’s a common lament.  I hear this wistful question almost daily. What should I blog about?  What do I have to say? Well, the answer to that question is “plenty.”  The biggest challenge is editing — prioritizing and redefining what makes sense within the context of your brand and your audience engagement strategy.   49 more words


How to Market Your Freelance Business Without Feeling Like an Impostor - Copyblogger

You’ve felt it, haven’t you? That sick feeling clawing at your stomach every time you think about marketing your freelance business. You’re worried you won’t be able to convince prospective clients you’re the right person for the job – that you’re the answer to their problems. 57 more words


Beyond Niches: Tap Into This Psychological Driver to Create the Ultimate Message - Copyblogger

The number of blog posts published every day is absurd. Let’s just say it exceeds the population of the four largest countries in the world and be done with it. 59 more words


Case Study: How One Veteran's Podcast Built a Million-Dollar Business - Copyblogger

After spending many years in traditional career fields – including real estate, finance, and eight years as an Army Officer – John Lee Dumas still felt unfulfilled. 65 more words