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Chow Mein and Orange Chicken

My poor hubby. He has been so neglected this school semester. I think I have made dinner maybe five times in the last eight weeks? It has become incredibly unhealthy, not to mention  641 more words


Super close to Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup

I’ve been trying recipes that claim to be “copycat Panera Bread” Broccoli Cheddar soups for a couple years now and haven’t found any to my liking – until tonight.   207 more words


How to End the nagging feeling that you are a copycat

That nagging feeling or the annoying voice in your head whispering that you have nothing original to say or that you feel like a copycat. Know what I’m talking about? 764 more words

Creative Tea Time

Write a Book #10 - Now writing vs. Timeless writing

Writing to a friend? Or are you writing to generation X,Y, Z? Why not all at the same time? Now writing vs. Timeless writing. 918 more words


Avoid the copycat "us too" style of marketing

If you’ve ever worked in marketing management, you’ve probably experienced that moment when someone walks into your office or sends you an email with one of your competitor’s ads. 580 more words



I am a great copycat. Give me a recipe to follow and I can pretty much recreate it. You can imagine how much fun Pinterest is for me. 567 more words

Bible Thoughts