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Bravely Attributing Others - Online and In Everyday Life

As I began to think about how this blog would evolve and perpetuate, I had the sudden realisation that I was never going to be the one and only source of ideas for my baby-step creations. 476 more words

Inspire Me


Plagiarism: n. willfully and fraudulently stealing the communication(s) and/or idea(s) of another and pretending it(s) is yours

Except for new scientific discoveries there are really few ideas which are truly original and the ones which seem original are rephrasings or slight modifications of old word combinations. 192 more words

Common Sense

Day 25

Day 25. 124 lines. Cumulative total: 2543

Great fun today after spending the last couple of weeks looking at embodied cognition and gestures, actions, postures in the poem: a very embedding and visual way of reading, so all this seems fresh and alive. 78 more words


What is Plagiarism and how it can KILL YOU!

So you think it’s funny, and you wonder what’s wrong with everyone? Then you notice five guns pointing at your head! You have committed the crime of PLAGIARISM, that’s what! 597 more words

English Interest

The useful art

Speaking at a 2012 literary festival, Jonathan Franzen expertly flattered his audience, sweeping them, himself and the US president into gratifying communion:

One of the reasons I love Barack Obama as much as I do is that we finally have a real reader in the White House.

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Monkey see, monkey do

Izzy hopped up on the sofa next to me, put a pillow on her knee and wrapped her Mickey Mouse in a scarf that I sometimes wear when I’m feeding Clara. 22 more words

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