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Keeping in Touch with Your Customers -- Without Annoying Them

When you’re trying to build your business, it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of the hunt — for new customers, that is. However, as studies from the Harvard Business School show, focusing attention on existing customers and increasing retention rates by just 5% will increase your profits by 25% to 95%! 557 more words

Some Mysticism in Some Films

One of the few benefits of living in Quebec is that it is easily the most leftist place in North America with strong socialist leanings. Yeah, … 2,002 more words

Raise Your EQ

Day 19

Day 19. 88 lines. Cumulative total: 1803.

A material shambles today: typos in the text – not only inverted letters but possibly even whole words, like the triple “anchor” that in the Penguin text is two “ancor”s and an “ambo” (the idea that poetic effects could be created through miscopying needs some thinking about, after a week of thinking about Statius and creative misreading); pencil kept breaking; overly-occupied with my own posture (after a couple of sessions of looking for posture images and talking to a photographer about finding contemporary analogues of Purgatorial postures in Cambridge’s streets); misreading and miscopying, so lots of erasing (ironic after re-reading Majena Mafe’s “Via Error”, in which she rewrites, from memory, Caroline Bergvall’s artwork of 47 translations of Inf.1.1-3, “48 Dante Variations”, with massive errors throughout); and lines not fitting on the width of the page, which means mis-planning on my part, not that Dante has suddenly started writing longer lines. 126 more words


Sorry For The Rant.

Since I’m having a quiet weekend I thought that this would be the perfect time to catch up on some blog posts that I’ve missed recently. 782 more words


Copy/Paste Journalism

Copy/paste, copy/paste!

It’s interesting to see how news providers are nowadays filling their column inches, or whatever the monitor, tablet or smartphone equivalent is – column pixels perhaps? 302 more words

Writing Observations

How to make arts

Hey, here we go again, but sorry for the long pause to not updating all these stuff in my blog, but… Well, for my apology, I would like to share you some of my new arts (if it’s an art, haha) to you and tell you how to make it. 470 more words



Is copying always theft?

I don’t think that it is. From looking at different types of works, and how they can be used (also under the fair-use legislation) I do not think that copying something is always theft. 515 more words