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PhDs, sharing, jail...

Diego Gómez Hoyos is studying for a master’s degree in conservation and wildlife management. But his thirst for knowledge is also threatening his freedom.

The 26-year-old Colombian biologist faces up to 8 years in prison for posting a copy of another scientist’s thesis online. 141 more words


Drama reflection 9.17.14


Secret Dancer

- Not letting detective to know who is the dancer.

- One person start dancing

- Everyone follow that secret dancer.

- Change the movement. 39 more words


ACE BOOGY XX Exotictunez X Move Around (Produced x Exotictunez) by ExoticTunez


This message has been righted by the court of law. The composer of this instrumental Exotictunez ; intentions are for listening purposes only . Any duplicate, misuse , or publishment of this artwork with out acknowledgement and or consent of Exotictunez is unathorized and prohibited and violaters will be held in the court of law and will be fined a fee up to $250,000.00… 286 more words


Ripping off Seurat

Lake Shore Drive, my current animation project, features a scene in which my characters are inside the Art Institute of Chicago, and they are contemplating the famous Seurat painting  674 more words


To thine own self be true (If at all possible)

I have had this thought circling in my head for a while. I think the easiest way to explain it is to compare it to when I was doing my Drama A-levels and I had to write a short scene in the style of Brecht for homework. 876 more words

Tips For Dealing With Depression.


For this first assignment, I chose to copy two photos by Alex Webb, from his book “Amazon: From the Floodplains to the Clouds.”

The first, “Parintins,” has a great green artificial light and is balanced with a fading natural light in the background. 314 more words

Advanced Techniques

Cody and the Eagle

One of the factors that allowed me to learn cartooning was the fact that I would copy anything Disney.  I copied all kinds of Disney characters.   71 more words