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Do you want to know what this is? No? Darn…

Just kidding. I am so happy! This is a top view of Dear Anonymous 3! It’s finished! 95 more words


Sunset Gradient Maze Nails!

So I may have mentioned that I’m not working right now.  My company kinda collapsed a bit, but that’s ok cos we were compensated.  My life right now is me, sitting at my computer at strange hours of the day and night, talking to my cat and occasionally my boyfriend.   285 more words


They'll Do What You Do, No Matter What You Say

“Do as I say, not as I do,” something I’m sure many of you have heard (or maybe even said!) at least once in your life. 460 more words

Service And Teaching

12 Questions About Life - Princess, Take Four. BoyChild, Take One.

It’s been a while since I did the “12 questions” bit, so I thought I would do it again today. There have been some changes to Princesses answers since she last did it (9 months ago). 409 more words


Day 41

Day 41. 82 lines. Cumulative total: 4626

The final push to get through Inferno, and it was a real grinding effort today. Even the print is weak: the only page that is notably faded that I’ve come across in the text so far. 116 more words


Looking back (2)

Every now and then, copying a portrait from a master is a refreshing experience and such a good way to learn. It’s also a change from drawing from observation and fumbling about with technique. 116 more words