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The useful art

Speaking at a 2012 literary festival, Jonathan Franzen expertly flattered his audience, sweeping them, himself and the US president into gratifying communion:

One of the reasons I love Barack Obama as much as I do is that we finally have a real reader in the White House.

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Monkey see, monkey do

Izzy hopped up on the sofa next to me, put a pillow on her knee and wrapped her Mickey Mouse in a scarf that I sometimes wear when I’m feeding Clara. 22 more words

Children And Family

an experimental velázquez

Here’s a work based on Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas (1656), from the CAFA Experimental Art Department’s undergraduate student exhibition. Pretty funny, taking an architectural section of the work (cutting even through people!). 80 more words


Stop Copying Me!

This reminds me of my Mothers dog ‘Charlie’ he is so cute


Day 24

Day 24. 157 lines. Cumulative total: 2419

Trouble immersing today. Still loved the Boniface gag but otherwise I felt I was skating a bit over the surface. 41 more words


"I am my own secretary; I dictate, I compose, I copy all myself"*...

In this age of the email attachment and of the “duplicate” and “save as” commands, we’ve come to take copies for granted.  But the quest for a way easily to make/keep duplicates of correspondence and records without transcribing them has a long history: most readers will be old enough to remember the days when Xerox machines– introduced in 1959**– were the duplicators of choice; and some, the era of the carbon copy.   407 more words


I have a lot of personal inner anguish about style. It goes something like this: as a graphic designer by trade, I have always thought it was best not to have a style. 304 more words