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Fair Use and Parody

This post will be the starting off point for a series of posts called “Is it Fair Use.”  To begin, I will give a brief explanation of “fair use” copyright law, and focus on the legal definition of “parody.” 1,728 more words


U.S. Copyright Office Music Licensing Study

(adapted and courtesy of NSAI.com) the The United States Copyright Office has undertaken a study to “evaluate the effectiveness of the existing methods of licensing music.” NSAI recently submitted comments answering specific questions from the Copyright Office relatign to this issue. 51 more words


Apparently, Some People Can't Read Warnings...

I think I make myself incredibly clear. Clear to the point of overly repetitive! I’m starting to think I should come with a warning label, because some people are so stupid they cannot read the simplest of statements. 1,150 more words



Dear Readers,

It breaks my heart to inform you that I decided to put my story “My Grandpa’s Secret” on hold even after I have finished writing it for these last few weeks. 286 more words


My idea, your idea ... any idea?

It’s no surprise that when you work in a specific area of activity, you are more focused on what is happening in that particular world. For example, I always pay attention a little bit more than others in my family to everything that is related to advertising or publicity. 336 more words

Marketing Point