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Copyright Tips: Free Images to Use

Finding free images to use can be daunting unless you have a solid understanding of licensing and copyright laws. That said, there are many interesting places on the internet to find share-able images. 306 more words


Copyrights and Photographers Oh My... Why you should value and respect your Photographer!

So I had a little issue with people cropping and using my photographs on Instagram and Facebook without my consent. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has come across this and it’s not the first time it’s happened to me either which is kind of upsetting. 704 more words


Copyright of Designs and Sculptural Works

One category of original works of authorship subject to copyright protection is “pictorial, graphic and sculptural works.”  This category would include three-dimensional works made out of any type of material.  188 more words


Fund and Done: Avoiding IP Risks in Crowdfunding Campaigns

Today, I posted on the Washington Lawyers for the Arts Blog about domestic and cross-border IP risks in crowdfunding campaigning. Particularly, I discussed how a US biotech company’s recent… 31 more words



Google search algorithm to demote piracy sites in search results by making some.major changes in the ranking system by degrading the webpage rank if the site liable to stream or publish unauthorized content under copyright infringement , 328 more words


Finland’s Citizen Copyright Initiative In Doubt: A Sad But Necessary Win For Cross-Border Online Copyright Enforcement?

Today, I posted on The IPKat about recent copyright reform efforts in Finland. Particularly, I discussed how Finland’s (and possibly the world’s) first crowdsourced copyright legislative reform proposal is in danger of failing, and how its potential failure is a sad but likely necessary measure to protect both domestic and foreign rights holders works online.

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