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Red Letter Day

There are plenty of people “fishing” or trolling around in the internet. I don’t mind since most of the comments I received are placed for moderation. 291 more words


A few thoughts on copyrights

As I have been thinking up blog posts to come, I have found myself thinking about copyright laws as well. As part of my studies for my bachelor’s degree (media producing) I spent many rather tedious hours studying copyright laws as taught by a lawyer who was anything but an engaging teacher. 852 more words

I Got Something To Say

Pakistan Monument Museum, Islamabad

The Pakistan Monument Museum, located next to Pakistan Monument, is another must visit place if you are interested in the history of the region, subcontinent and Pakistan and various contemporary issues and developments being faced by the country. 178 more words


What Constitutes Copyright Infringement?

In order to answer that question, it must be clear what, exactly, a copyright is. 949 more words

Copyright Infringement

If a patent can't cover an "abstract idea," can it be a trade secret?

Should I patent my invention or keep it a trade secret?  Inventors often ask me this question.  And after a recent court decision and USPTO actions that raise the bar for patenting software inventions, the question is becoming even more important for software developers who want to protect their IP. 434 more words


Suing to the Oldies

I’m listening to my Classic Rock station on Pandora, and Keith Richards’ timeless guitar licks begin to blast from my laptop speakers.  I instinctively pick up my air guitar and start to wail.  503 more words

Court Cases

ACG Events & Cosplay Photography Copyrights

It’s been a while since i put my mind in one place to write on something. Hi! My name is Ruwen, I am a new writer (former guest writer) and I am a person who likes to take pictures. 710 more words