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Memoirs of a High School Fugitive

Most teenagers loathe high school, but I was more pro-active in expressing my disdain. One day, I simply walked out the door.

Well, it was more complicated than that. 775 more words


The ideal woman of commercials

Translation of one of Jari Parantainen‘s two compositions written in the spring high school graduation exam in the subject of Finnish language in 1980. The exam is also known as…

869 more words

“You can make simple changes in your life and see amazing results”

“I was born in Saswad City near Pune in India. My parents were secondary school teachers, but they are both retired now. My father was a headmaster and taught English, Sanskrit and History, and my mother taught Hindi. 842 more words


5 Ways to Capture Attention

TAKE THESE. I’ve written a lot of copy through the years–as a freelancer, an ad agency copywriter and a copywriter in the marketing department of a major newspaper. 200 more words


Hassan Ali, Junior Copywriter at Energy BBDO

“Making connections with a few people whom you consistently stay in touch with and cultivate friendships with (i.e., networking), yeah, I’d tell myself to do more of that, earlier on.” 478 more words


Why the Aflac duck dynasty?

Why is the Aflac duck still around? A pretty good guess would be that the silly looking bird has worked at bringing in business.

But why has it worked? 260 more words


Top Train Journeys

It can be risky taking a bus in uncharted territory, especially if you have no sense of direction. Once I took the wrong bus home and ended up, perplexed, at Heathrow Terminal 5, and one night in France, thanks to the lack of designated stops and pitch darkness, I earned a Lift of Shame back from the depot.   708 more words