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The Fear of Copywriting

Like any human being, many things frighten me. One thing in particular is being possessed. And I don’t mean the “Ginny-Weasley-I-don’t-remembers-being-possessed.” No, the fully conscious “Oh-shit-demon-within-stop-the-atrocities,” possessed. 524 more words


How I Met With Disappointment

I feel calmer now. I feel better. I think I can talk about this properly, get everything out in the  open.

I had prepared for it. 446 more words


D&AD 2014

Recently, I made the long journey by train from South Wales to Spitalfields Market in the East End of London.

Why you might ask?
Well it’s a simple answer, I seized the fantastic opportunity that’s available to all design students to visit the D&AD #NewBlood exhibition.  680 more words


Fitness Writers at FitPro Live 2014

Thanks to membership organisation The Fitness Writers’ Association (please note the impeccable use of apostrophe!), I got a VIP pass to FitPro Live, and popped along on Friday. 967 more words

Nicola Joyce


What did Katie Copywriter eat today, you ask? Cookies.

Cookies in the morning.
Cookies at noon.
Cookies in the afternoon.
A cookie for the road. 159 more words

I'm a Writer, So I'm Not Very Good with Words!

In another life, I worked in technical support, a job that is highly dependent on getting people to explain their problems. One day, I was assisting an older lady who was having a difficult time explaining what was going on with her device. 447 more words

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