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What Are Words?

Words are the realization of thoughts. What goes on in our heads will not be known without the expression of combined words. They speak to us. 144 more words


Writing is Easy. Why Do I Need to Hire Someone?

Writing is a basic skill we learn in school, so many times businesses think all writing should be done in-house. Writing is easy, isn’t it? Well, not all writing is easy. 482 more words

Freelance Writing


Communicating your services is not only in the words you write, it’s in the way you engage with customers too.

A well-tailored message delivered in copy that encourages customers to identify with your brand purpose is the key to gaining customers’ trust, attention and loyalty. 149 more words

Copywriter Perth

What goes around, comes around.

Some might say that Richard Krugel is crazy; others may say he is brave. I think he must be a bit of both to even think of attempting to swim (yes, swim) around the 360 kilometre long coastline of Majorca, but that is exactly what he is intending to do this month to raise money for The Allen Graham Charity for Kidz. 1,043 more words


Pandora Banner and Audio Ads

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: Not all projects are created equal. Some inflict a creative with a sense of foreboding, some inspire serious breakthroughs, and others make you shrug your shoulders and say “Meh.” There are those rare projects though that make your heart beat faster, that excite you into a frenzied euphoria. 328 more words


Creative Roll Call

Chances are if you’ve found this blog you’re interested in being a creative. Not being creative, but being “a creative”. Small change, BIG difference.

There’s a few different creative roles that go into creating an ad. 278 more words

If You're A Writer, Then This Challenge Is For You

I stumbled on this interesting image online and i was impressed. Two sentences that instilled terror in the reader… just two sentences.

At first i though ‘How bad could it be?’ and by the time i had finished reading, I was terrified but impressed. 132 more words

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