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I've Seen the Future...and Copywriters Better Be Prepared

Leo Burnett once said, “There is no such thing as a permanent advertising success.” Never has this been more true than in this time of technological advancement. 148 more words


Is voice search the future?

According to an article posted by Search Engine Land today, young people are embracing voice search. The article is based on a study commissioned by Google adults are a bit more self-conscious when speaking out loud to the search engines on their phones. 152 more words

Web Copy: Binti Reborn

Binti are a girl group from Belgium. Their website is lovely, but the ‘Info’ page needed a couple of tweaks to make it more readable. Below is the copy I wrote for them. 171 more words


Marketing Explained: the differences between Copywriting and Content Marketing, and what YOU should be doing in 2015

‘Copywriting’ and ‘Content Marketing'; two phrases often used interchangeably and the topic of much debate and confusion.

So which is which, and what are you doing? 907 more words

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Album Review - Missy Higgins' 'Oz'

Another Missy Higgins Album.

With a voice as distinct as Missy Higgins, it is hard not to have a sound that becomes familiar to audiences. The signature voice and acoustic piano moments are in their usual place on this album. 629 more words


Why the Words We Choose are Important

We communicate with each other all the time. The popularity of social media sites means that we can share our successes and failures and give our opinions on those of other people. 312 more words


8 copywriting tricks you have to know

Many writing jobs are within copywriting and as freelancers, we may need to take on copywriting jobs to make ends meet. Often, writing for companies, also make you much more money too, so if you haven’t considered taking on copywriting assignments, please do. 372 more words

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