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Suncorp's "wow factor" loan misses one thing...the "wow factor"!

Don’t you love marketing messages that make you think aloud, “I wish I did that” – like the Ole Lynggaard mailing I mentioned earlier this week. 801 more words


Doing business on Twitter? Here are 5 average tips that might help, maybe.

I’ve been dabbling recently in trying to create new business through Twitter.

I’m on Twitter a lot, so it seemed like a good idea to use it for something productive rather than just to tell people about my dad’s latest Scrabble joke (in case you’re wondering: ‘I’ve got three “N”s – but they still haven’t laid any eggs!’). 720 more words


Home Business Forum Directories Reviews Tips: Essential Items Your Website Copywriter Must Know About Your Business BEFORE

…And if she’s not asking, you don’t want her writing for you.

It’s pretty much a given…when you hire a copywriter for your newly designed web site, your getting someone with above average writing skills. 359 more words


You're probably not reading this

I wrote a sentence once. Then, I was told this:

“People are stupid.”

The argument was that since I’d used a slightly uncommon word, no-one would get it. 97 more words


Market Research: Railroading Their Train of Thought

Consider the following imaginary train of thought from an fictionalized character in an, as yet, unpublished novel about the advertising industry. The scene is a candle-lit table at a middle-brow bar in a major city: 775 more words

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Two marketers walk into a bar and laugh at Honest Slogans...

Clif Dickens is a graphic designer who creates Honest Slogans reflecting what people really think when they see a brand.