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We're becoming more illiterate - but like um, does anyone care?

I’m no grammar expert, but I do make an effort to use language that is easy-to-understand whenever I write. I figure it’s only polite to do so – it shows respect for my readers. 658 more words


3 Ways to Improve Your Boring Content

Is the content on your website like a box of potatoes? A brown box filled with brown things? Hey! Don’t hate on potatoes! They can be delicious. 571 more words


When you're flogging holidays it's good to mention the destination...

Yesterday I was on a flying cattle truck – or should I say flying kangaroo truck – between Sydney and Melbourne.

As I settled my chin on my knees, I did a bit of work then decided to read the airline magazine, as it was reasonably fresh and generally uncreased or smudged. 624 more words


Long, Short, Or No Copy?

The fierce debate about long vs. short copy has rage for eons – first among traditional advertisers and then among online marketers. Now, with channels such as Instagram, we have to add no-copy-whatsoever to the debate.  475 more words

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How Would Your Competition Sell Against You?

When doing a brand discovery for my clients, I like to ask difficult questions.

I force them to think about themselves in ways they probably never did before. 415 more words


Authority and how it affects your Business.

Summary : This article will try to explain the use of Authority in your sales page,  one of the lost nuggets of marketing wisdom; or marketing psychology if you will. 859 more words

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What is Copywriting?

I wish I could say this was a trivial question. But the more you ask around, the less likely you are to find a unified opinion about what the task entails. 763 more words

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