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Easy ways to generate content for your business blog

Do you struggle to find things to blog about? If you’re a sole trader, owner/manager, or the person responsible for marketing, chances are you have a business blog (if you don’t… start one!) 930 more words

Nicola Joyce

Blogging... a walk in the park?

Getting a good tone of voice is hard, guys. What can I say, I have tried for years to be a friendly and open blogger. In fact, I try to be a friendly and open person (if I can). 278 more words


  Australian Versus UK Versus US Content Marketing

Content marketing is booming! It was one of the big buzz words for 2012 and this has carried forth into 2014 and beyond. Although for all of the hullabaloo, is it really worth the effort? 838 more words


Fitness Writers at FitPro Live 2014

Thanks to membership organisation The Fitness Writers’ Association (please note the impeccable use of apostrophe!), I got a VIP pass to FitPro Live, and popped along on Friday. 967 more words

Nicola Joyce

Ten Marketing Hacks for Creating Dynamite E-newsletters

Email marketing has long been overlooked or written off as a primary way of communicating with one’s target audience. With the advent of incredibly thorough email sorting algorithms in gmail and other email clients, it has become increasingly harder for marketers to reach their audience through email. 695 more words


10 Vintage Ads Featuring Copywriting Techniques That Hold Up Today

As much fun as it is to scoff at vintage ads that are woefully offensive and out of touch, as a copywriter, I’m more intrigued by vintage ads that are still relevant, at least in terms of craft and technique. 531 more words

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