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An eye on branding: Warm Pixie

I recently visited The Handmade Fair, held at Hampton Court Palace in London. While I was in no way there for business (I was there for needle felting, pom-pom making and the gleeful splashing of cash) the branding of a few craft sellers set my creative brain cells bopping. 300 more words


Reinventing the classics

Image via: Prophet.com

When stumbling upon the article 13 Damn Good Ideas from 13 Dead Copywriters some parts of it felt very transferable to modern day marketing. 217 more words


The Basics of SEO

I have always been intrigued to know more about SEO.

There are a number of interesting sources of information out there:

  1. MOZ: SEO free beginners guide…
  2. 132 more words

How Blogging Can Help Your Business

There are some aspects of SEO and online marketing that just feel more natural than others. This is especially true if your site is already established and didn’t rely as much on SEO throughout the internet boom. 475 more words


Don’t rest on your morals

We all know someone who’s listening ability doesn’t rank as one of their top skills. Whether repeating lyrics or proverbs, they will always slightly rearrange the wording. 270 more words


Why Copywriting Is Like a Mattress

Had these lines swirling around my head for months. Finally found time to put them down.

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Image courtesy of my wife, aka ClaudiaJR Photography.


Word of the Week: Literally

If you google the definition of ‘literally’, since August 2014, you will find that the term has two distinctly separate and conflicting meanings.

  1. Formal Use – meaning ‘actually’, as in, in the truest and fullest sense.
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