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Two marketers walk into a bar and laugh at Honest Slogans...

Clif Dickens is a graphic designer who creates Honest Slogans reflecting what people really think when they see a brand.



And so, my web is (almost) spun

As I started to pick up more clients it became increasingly evident that I’d be needing a website.

There’s nothing like having a prospective client ask for a link to your site, only to have to tell them that ‘actually, er – it’s still under construction.’ Every time I’ve had to type that response I’ve closed my eyes, hit ‘send’, despaired at how amateur I must sound and headed straight for the biscuit tin. 236 more words

Copy Editing

How the Creative Got Into Creative Copywriter

In most of my online micro-bios I describe myself as a ‘nearly-author’ among other things. The nearly tag is simply because I haven’t yet attempted to get anything published. 321 more words


Pitching Part 1:How to Stop Bitching About Pitching

While the entire world may be living online now, there is still high esteem accorded to print publications. Even in the digital age, print magazines still carry some weight. 549 more words


Use Your Prospect's Backstory and Write Epic Copy

If you’re sitting down to write marketing material for your company, congratulations! You get to be Martin Scorsese for a day – you create a universe for your prospect to explore and respond to, with a final scene of the sun setting over your glistening call to action. 142 more words


Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say

When I was younger, during a short stint as a wannabe actress, I underwent some training with the Meisner Technique. Now, I’m no professional, but what I did takeaway was invaluable; the art of knowing how to say what you mean, and mean what you say. 246 more words


Author Paula Neal Mooney Shares More Elance.com Proven Strategies For Success

Why do I believe so in the work of Paula Neal Mooney?

It’s one thing for an author to write a complete, focused and HELPFUL book like… 1,106 more words